7 Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas for a Modern Home

We’re nearing Valentine’s day soon and even if you’re not the biggest fan of the day of love, you can surely acknowledge and celebrate with your significant other, soulmate, or girlfriends! Stop looking for Valentine's Day DIY home decor ideas on Pinterest because we’re here to make your life easy!

Bring romance to your home by choosing the decor carefully for your home - take a look at these romantic home decorating ideas below to see what you can implement on your special day

1. Throw in Pink and Red Cushions or Pillows

Whether you decide on a sofa or a bed (we strictly mean cushions!), throw in the subtle shades of love with pink and red pillow covers. There’s nothing like too many cushions, so go all crazy when setting up your home. Experiment with florals, geometric prints, and solid colors or mix and match all three for a layered look. 

Go for floral cushion covers to add a fresh vibe to your living space or striking geometric patterns to add chicness. 

Pillow Covers

Dying to hit a beach but can't? Inspired by the foliage of the Goan land, our tropical pink pillow cover is perfect to bring the tropical vibe home. You can obviously never go wrong with the floral freshness exuded by the floral pillow covers.

2. Amp up the room with satin bed covers

This Valentine's Day, if you don’t want to go literal with the shades of love, opt for a subtle floral bedcover in a neutral palette that is crafted in glazed cotton and has a soft satiny feel to it. Accentuate the aesthetics of your humble abode with our glazed cotton bedcovers to celebrate your love. 

If you’re preparing to add other lovey-dovey props to your room, then balance it with floral prints in subtle shades of red and white. The satin feel of the bedcovers makes it equal parts soft and equal parts sultry. 

3. Cozy up in soft quilts

Whether you want to celebrate your love by going all cheesy in reds and whites or want to opt-in subtle shades of florals, our snuggly quilts would be an ideal option to add to the warmth on your special day. 

You can also add a little mystique to the day by ditching the obvious reds and going in for pinks in geometric prints. 

For cute cuddles and lazy snuggles, browse through for the comfiest quilts that are handcrafted in cotton and printed in classic motifs.

4. Deck up with Danglers

The heart is the theme of the season and what better way to embrace it by decorating your home with a heart dangler. Turn your home into a beautiful space as you decorate it with our set of 3 heart-shaped danglers this season.

Crafted in cotton and recycled silk screen printed paper, our heart danglers are not just eco-friendly but also exudes romance. Add a romantic element to your room as it can either be hung on the wall as a wall decoration or your curtains.

5. Revisit memories with Photo Frames

How about revisiting the old beautiful memories with a photograph? In today’s time of Instagram and smartphones, most of us are habituated to keeping the photographs in our desktop or mobile folders.

How about getting them printed and placing them in our array of photo frames that come in different shapes and sizes? Think of the pictures that mark your first date, proposal, or just a candid happy memory after a fight, and voila, all you need is a beautiful photo frame to put your lovely moments in!

Crafted with cardboard and recycled silk screen printed paper, the photo frame is eco-friendly and a great addition to your bedside table. 

“We keep this love in a photograph!”... You can also play the beautiful song by Ed Sheeran to set up the romantic mood.

There are millions of ways of expressing your love and one of the sweetest ways is going the good old-fashioned way - love notes! Check out our handmade paper memo box and show that special someone you care about by leaving cute notes all over the room.

6. Gift a box of love

Once you’re sorted on your gift for Valentine’s Day, make them more thoughtful and stunning with our gift boxes, crafted in recycled cotton and hand screen printed.

Add a romantic twist to your cardboard boxes with our handcrafted, eco-friendly heart-shaped gift boxes. Perfect to pack little treasures like jewelry, chocolates, etc for your loved one, go green this Valentine’s Day with our handcrafted beauties.

Bring extra charm to your gifts with our beautiful bead box as it is made with cotton recycled silk screen printed paper and cardboard, further accented with a golden metal knob.

It can also hold up to 700 gm-1 kg of items and can later be used as storage making it an added bonus gift. Place it by your bedside to go with the Valentines theme. 

7. Accentuate with on-theme paper bags

Make your V-day celebration festive by adding heart-shaped paper bags to your Valentine’s Day home decor or go for on-theme handmade paper bags, decorated with sparkling hearts.

Handcrafted with recycled cotton, our gift bags come with a romantic heart print which can be used to pack items like stoles, clothes, making it the perfect option for the season of love. 

Make sure to try one or all these simple Valentine's day decoration ideas at home to add romance to any decor setting. After all, nothing says ‘I love you!’, like your meaningful gestures.