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Bed Covers (Cotton)

Your home tells your story, hence we try n keep striving to make our home look clean and beautiful. Bed in our bedroom is the most prominent item that takes up most of the space in the room, therefore it is very important to beautify and give our bed a look as we want our bedroom to look. Bed cover is very important to make our bed look neat and clean all day so that we can get a clean and fresh bed to sleep at night. Also, we can put a bed cover of our choice and design according to our room décor without changing the bed sheet. Ratan textiles is acclaimed globally for its block printing through natural dyes on finest cotton fabrics. Ratan Jaipur is a sister branch of Ratan textiles and hence it maintains its global standards in printing and quality of fabrics. Ratan Jaipur is renowned for rendering an amazing blend of cultural hues of Rajasthan in modern designs.

Ratan Jaipur offers a wide range of bed linen in beautiful colors and subtle prints to give your room a rich and affluent feel. We have a wide range of colors such as blue, yellow, pink, red, brown, grey, beige and multicolor with beautiful block prints like polka dots, flower in a jaal print and other prints with more of Rajasthan's heritage print like buti and leave motifs in them. Block printing is being done in Rajasthan since ages and only royal family could avail the pleasure of having this imperial art in their palaces. Ratan Jaipur aims to spread the cultural beauty of Rajasthan all around the world and give a regal touch to your regular lifestyle. Ratan Jaipur has a wide range of home furnishings, apparel, stationery and other packaging and gift items with a touch of Rajasthani culture in every product.

Our intricate ethnic designs are globally acclaimed and are loved by people all around the globe. We use modern techniques to produce durable but fine cotton cloth which is amazingly soft at hand feel and traditional art and motif print on this cloth makes it look absolutely stunning. You can create an absolutely enticing and regal ambiance in your home by our astounding home furnishings. Our soft and breathable cotton fabrics are also very comfortable to use as coverlets at night. Buy from our exclusive range of bed linen and other home furnishings to embellish your home.

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