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Make your home look such that it would vibrate love and thrive on happiness. Ratan Jaipur renders a lot of cultural charm in regular home furnishing products which gives your home a royal touch of Rajasthan. A dohar is a kind of blanket but similar to a quilt or we can say that it’s a light quilt. Dohar is very useful as it is a light blanket made of cotton cloth which you can use in any season as it gives you a cozy feel in summer and doesn’t make you very warm in the summer, but since cotton is a temperature friendly fabric it can keep you a little warm in winters too. Ratan renders an amazing range of dohars for you in various traditional as well as modern designs.

You will definitely find what you are looking for in our wide and enticing range of dohars in vibrant colors such as yellow, red, pink and blue as well as subtle colors like beige, pastel green, pink, light blue, yellow, etc. We have an amazing range of prints like some beautiful jaal prints with modern flower prints to give your room a contemporary look but we also have traditional buti and leaf prints in jaal to give your room a regal touch. Block printing is an age-old technique which is being done by trained craftsmen in fact, no machine is being used in the whole process. Firstly the trained craftsmen chesil beautiful designs on worsen blocks to be printed, then these blocks are soaked in oil so that they don’t absorb any color themselves. Later these blocks are dipped in natural dyes and printed block by block on fine cotton cloth by skilled craftsmen. This is an age-old and most eco-friendly technique of printing, which also provides employment to many artisans.

Ratan Jaipur uses this age old eco-friendly technique with natural dyes and aim to spread this beautiful art of Rajasthan all around the world. Block prints are done by hand and not by machines, therefore these prints are never perfect, but these little human errors make it look more ravishing and people all around the world are praising and seeking block prints because of the art involved as well as traditional eco-friendly methods being used. Ratan textiles have been working with some globally acclaimed brands to provide you with this amazing art form and embellish your home with beautiful home furnishing in a royal way.

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