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As it is said that a trip to the beach can cure any bad mood, most of us look for a seashore to go for a calming vacation and a vacation means you need clothing according to the place you are going to visit. Girls have a plenty of options and advice they can seek these days, but men have limited options and advice to choose from. But men can get that look with minimal but just the right prints and colors. Ratan Jaipur is globally acclaimed for its garments and other handcrafted products with a hint of the culture of Rajasthan to every creation. Ratan Jaipur has recently launched an exquisite range of beachwear for men, women and children.

For men, Ratan Jaipur has rendered some cool prints in vibrant colors to make you look perfect for a holiday on a beach. When selecting an outfit to wear at the beach you must look for a certain feature in a beachwear like it must be very light and comfortable as you will have to spend the whole day at the beach, it must be breezy so that you are comfortable under the sun. Since you are visiting a beach it is evident that you are going to get soaked in the sea and sand hence your clothes must be light enough to get dry easily and could be dusted off easily. You never know when a day ends at the beach and it turns out to be a long stroll in the windy night, hence a cool cotton shirt is a very good option for men to keep them cool in the daytime and a good cover up for a night stroll. You obviously cannot wear a pair of pants to a beach, trunks or half pants are always comfortable and make you look perfect for a beach visit. Ratan Jaipur has some very cool printed trunks in vibrant colors such as blue, orange, sea green and cream that would go well with any shirt. These swimwear trunks by Ratan are made of poly crepe which is quick to dry and is very light and comfortable on the skin.

To go with trunks we an amazing range of cool printed cotton shirts for men. Cotton is a temperature friendly fabric which gives you a cool and breezy feel at daytime, in the sun and will be a good cover up for a windy night at the shore. Ratan Jaipur offers you an amazing range of cool prints which would make you stand out at a beach.

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