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About Ratan Jaipur

Ratan Jaipur, a brand run by Ratan Textiles, was born with a vision to revive and sustain handcrafted textile traditions and techniques before they disappear. We started in 1983 with a handful of artisans who still remain an integral part of our team with their next generation also joining in.

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Ratan Jaipur: Where Tradition Meets Elegance

At Ratan Jaipur, we bring you a world of vibrant colors, delicate fabrics, and timeless designs that reflect the rich heritage of Jaipur. Our journey began with a simple idea - to share the beauty of traditional Rajasthani craftsmanship with the world. Step into our online home, where every thread tells a story and every piece embodies the spirit of artistry. We endeavor to take you to the heart of Rajasthan, where every corner echoes the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Step in to experience the charm of Rajasthan through the eyes of Ratan Jaipur.

Discover Our Collection

Dive into a world of colors as you check out our wide range of clothes and home textiles. Our collection features detailed block prints that tell old stories and gentle, soft fabrics that make you feel cozy. Our products mix together art and modern preferences.

Home Textiles

Add a special touch to your living areas with our carefully crafted home textiles. Our bedspreads, cushion covers, and table linens are not just decorations – they are a way for skilled workers to show their dedication. Bring a bit of the magic of Jaipur into your home.

Indulge in Comfort and Style with Our Bedding Collection

Ratan Jaipur's incredible bedding alternatives will transform your bedroom into a haven of peace and sophistication. Feel the luxurious warmth and comfort of a 100% cotton fill quilt. Our lightweight cotton quilts are ideal for cosy nights in, and the classic Jaipuri and Rajasthani razais showcase the beauty of our heritage. Check out our airy summer dohars that keep you cool in the warmer months. In chilly environments, our AC blankets provide both coziness and comfort.

Make your special place even better with our stylish cotton bedsheets with matching pillow covers. Decorate your area with our carefully created cushion covers, adding texture and color to your living space. At Ratan Jaipur, our bedding collection combines comfort, art, and practicality. Soak yourself in the Ratan Jaipur bedding world, where each item guarantees luxury and peace.

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Our Table Linen Collection

Here at Ratan Jaipur, we believe that dining is more than just eating. It's about making a setting that shows your preferences and flair. Our beautiful tablecloth collection is made to make your dining area even better. Check out our selection of pot holders, chair pads, and coasters. They are chic and safeguard your table while adding a bit of grace.

Cover your dining table with our thoughtfully made 100% cotton table runner, giving your delicious dishes a lovely backdrop. Our table mat sets don't just shield your table, they also bring in a touch of style. Create the right atmosphere with our cotton napkins, cocktail napkins designed with great care to bring sophistication to your dining moments.

We truly value pure cotton, so each dining table mat set collection item showcases top-notch quality and skillful craftsmanship. Ratan Jaipur warmly welcomes you to appreciate the finer touches of dining with a collection that embodies sophistication and the happiness of shared moments.

Elevate Your Culinary Journey with Our Kitchen Linen Collection

Come and explore the pleasure of cooking with Ratan Jaipur's collection that captures the heart of luxurious pure cotton. Elevate your cooking space, cherish your passion for cooking, and let our kitchen linens become vital to your everyday routines. Enter the center of your house with Ratan Jaipur's beautiful kitchen linen assortment. Enjoy cooking while wearing a cozy and stylish cotton apron, a great mix of value and style. Our oven hand gloves protect as you confidently perfect your recipes.

Bring some charm and usefulness to your kitchen using our pot holders and kitchen towels. Made entirely from pure cotton, these necessities bring a touch of sophistication to your cooking area. Whether you are cooking a big family meal or trying out new recipes, our kitchen linen collection is like a reliable friend, providing quality, comfort, and style.

Elevate Your Style with Ratan Jaipur's Women's Wear Collection

Enter sophistication and coziness through Ratan Jaipur's captivating Women's Wear assortment. Uncover the charm of high-quality premium cotton kurtas for women that honor the everlasting beauty of tradition. Our carefully designed women's kurta sets with dupattas redefine charm and grace, offering choices that include charming dupattas for an added touch of finesse.

Wrap yourself in the comfort of cotton as you explore our diverse collection of kurtas for women online, ideal for ladies who enjoy the mix of tradition and modern design. Our kurta collection with the kota doria collection goes beyond that, providing a variety of shirts, tops, and tunics for women that resonate with your style and personality.

When you are ready to unwind, treat yourself to our carefully crafted night suits for women that blend comfort and allure effortlessly. Dive into the world of half-sleeve and full-sleeve shirts, where each piece is a masterpiece of creativity and coziness.

At Ratan Jaipur, we welcome you to celebrate the essence of femininity with our carefully selected collection, where every piece is a tribute to the skill and dedication that goes into each stitch. Allow our Women's Wear collection to enhance your style, whether you leave an impression at work, have a relaxed day out, or enjoy nights in absolute comfort.

Rediscover Grace in Ratan Jaipur's Men's Collection

Ratan Jaipur's stunning range of shirts and kurtas will take you into the beautiful world of men's fashion. Our vast range of Men’s collection meets all of your fashion requirements. Discover a broad collection that includes both full sleeves and short sleeves, ensuring you look your best. Our range of shirts perfectly blends the newest fashion and comfort, whether you are headed to a big event or a day at the office. Discover a broad collection that includes both full sleeves and short sleeves, ensuring you are prepared to impress.

Whether you enjoy a relaxed day or some special event, explore our men's short kurtas to match your vibe and mood. For a fresh modern look, check out our jackets and shorts’ collection to meet your casual style needs. If you are looking for traditional festive wear clothing, we also have a range of timeless charm kurtas for men. Pair our long kurtas for men with comfortable pyjamas to create a complete traditional outfit to show off your personal style. 

Men’s kurta collection at Ratan Jaipur, combines traditional aspects with modern trends. Each item from our men’s collection showcases our commitment to excellent quality, providing a sophisticated wardrobe for our esteemed customers.

Adorable Adventures Await in Ratan Jaipur's Baby and Kidswear Collection

Ratan Jaipur's baby and kids wear collection is designed to make every time with your young ones even more amazing. We have a range for all ages, from tiny tots to lively children.

Discover a world of cozy outfits that are also fashion-forward. Dress your babies in the most charming festive wear. For the energetic youngsters, explore our selection of shirts, dresses, and sets that showcase childhood. Allow your kids to shine through our versatile range. Explore the heartwarming smiles and unforgettable moments with Ratan Jaipur's baby and kids wear collection.