Things to Look for When Choosing Children’s Bedding

Looking to buy bedding essentials for your toddler, preschool child or school-going kid? 

Well, you would want to give it a good thought and consider a few critical factors to make the right and informed decision. After all, apart from being the safe sleeping haven, the bed also becomes like a playing arena for them or a feeding/eating place, making it an integral part of their daily routine.

Especially for toddlers and preschool children, good bedding is necessary for a deep sleep that helps them build a healthier immune system, better memory, better behaviour, and enhanced active time.

So, without further ado, let us enlist the five most important factors to consider when selecting bedding essentials for your little ones.

  • Fabric Quality

  • The material of the children’s bedding is the most important thing to check. The good bedding should be made of natural fabrics like cotton and should be breathable. 

    Another thing when evaluating the quality is to check how the material feels on the skin. The skin of little ones is extremely sensitive and in order for them to feel comfortable, it is necessary that the bedding material is skin-friendly. 

    This is the reason why at Ratan Jaipur, we only use 100% premium quality and pure cotton materials such as poplin, voile,  for baby and kids bedding sets.

    #TakeawayTip: Never compromise on the quality

  • Durability 

  • With toddlers and kids, the bedding will have to endure milk spills, food stains, accidental tears, etc. Hence, you would want your bedding to be durable and long-lasting to be able to provide value for money.

    The good thing about comforters, swaddle wraps, gaddi, and pillows made of natural fabrics are that they are inherently durable then others. 

    However, the best way to review the durability is through the thread count — the higher, the better. But, the catch is that most synthetic materials also offer high durability but aren’t good for the skin and might also develop lint overtime that may not be comfortable.

    So, apart from thread count and strength, don’t forget to consider the other characteristics. 

    #TakeawayTip: Check for weave strength & features

  • Size

  • Always measure the size of the bed or cot to get the right fit of bedding, or otherwise, you’ll have a hard time making the bed for your little one. For the swaddle wraps or blankets, ensure that it is a comfort fit for your little one. 

    #TakeawayTip: The right one will fit perfectly

  • Washcare

  • Like we mentioned earlier, the kid’s bedding will have to endure a lot of mess so it will be a good thing if the bedding is easy to wash and hassle-free to care for. Ain’t it?

    Again, cotton is one of the easiest fabrics when it comes to washing and storing. 

    #TakeawayTip: Should be easy and effortless

  • Style & theme

  • You have chosen the right quality, soft material and best fit but if it’s boring, is it really worth it? Afterall, its kid bedding that we are talking about. It has to be cheerful, vibrant and all things fun. You can match the bedding theme with the room decor or just go for your kid’s favourite animal or character. 

    #TakeawayTip: Just keep it playful and lively!


    Now that you know all the things to bear in mind before buying bedding for your little one(s), we would like you to explore our exquisite range of bedding for kids on our website, here.