Cool Date Night Outfit Ideas for Men

Be it the first date or not, and whether you are looking for a formal or casual date night outfits menswear, dressing up nice should always be a date rule for both people. In fact, it is a popular belief that women find well-dressed men more attractive, depicting that they duly notice what you wear on the date. 

So, next time you are going on a date, you need to definitely master a few style rules and sort out your overall look to leave the other one impressed. 

With hopes that you do not screw up and make a wrong impression, but, flatter your date with a dashing and suave look, we share with you the perfect men’s summer date outfits and top seven cotton shirts from our exclusive collection that will be perfect for a date night.

Let us get started, shall we?

1. ‘Be My Valentine’ Shirt

Oh, this shirt is absolutely perfect for valentine’s date nights! It exudes that boyish charm that states ‘I am an intense guy.’ For that perfect look, pair your red shirt with beige trousers or if you want to go absolutely formal then there is nothing better than a perfect pair of black trousers. 

Pro Tip: Do not forget to gift a bouquet of red roses or a bottle of red wine. It would also look perfect with your red ‘hot look.’ 

2. ‘The Cool Blue’ Shirt

You can never go wrong in blue! Blue shirt is one of the safest choices of men's outfit for date, especially the first date. But, you can always experiment with the shade of blue and try a vibrant, happy, and ‘the cool blue.’

In winter, you can top it up with a white blazer for that extra fresh and crisp look to impress your date. 

Pro tip: Wearing an aqua-smell cologne just adds to the freshness of the blue shirt. Do give it a try on your next date!

3. ‘Can I Have An ‘Ultra-Violet’ Lagar Beer Please’ Shirt

Women may call it lavender, lilac, or a light purple, but, for the man going on a chiller date night, it's an ‘Ultra-Violet’ lager. Like the breezy color of the shirt, let the hearty conversations flow with some drinks and good food on your next fun date with your bae or crush. 

Pro Tip: If you are like Joey from Friends and do not like to share your food, always order buffer fries on dates. #ThankUsLater

4. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Shirt

This cotton bold block printed grey shirt with intricate motifs is one of the most perfect date outfit ideas for men for a movie night date or a coffee date. In winters, you can carry a bold suede brown or navy blue jacket and sleek boots to give that off-duty, chill look.

Pro Tip: To transform the entire look to a casual one, go for a bomber jacket with white sneakers and you are good to go!

5. ‘Not Your Mellow Yellow’ Shirt

Want to make a lasting impression on your first date? This mustard yellow collared cotton shirt with playful tulip bud block print is a perfect break away from classic date dressing and going all out to woo your date. 

Pro Tip: You can pair it with chinos or well-fitted trousers and in winters, don a sweater or a blazer to take your style up a notch.

6. ‘The Grey Between Black & White ’ Shirt

When choosing the first, fifth, or nth number of date night men’s outfit, we cannot stress enough the beauty of going choosing grey as your go-to colour. Men in grey imbue a suave charm, giving a formal look. This grey shirt is perfect for after-office weekday date nights as it is perfectly formal for office wear and can fully pass for a classic date look.

Pro Tip: To add some colour to your grey shirt, wear a different coloured belt and then you can also complement the belt with matching shoes.

7. “Go Wild ” Shirt

This shirt is absolutely perfect for those adventurous dates with your beloved. Live the thrill, be playful, and feel your most comfortable self in this grey tiger printed shirt by Ratan Jaipur. 

Pro Tip: Such cotton shirts look great when the sleeves are rolled up to give a more relaxed and cool look.

Now that we have the perfect men's date night shirts sorted for you to look dashing, suave, and classy on your next date, here are some other key styling tips that you should be considering when going on a date.

  • While it is safe to go with blues, blacks, and greys, mix in some fun colors to make things pop and heads turn. 

  • Do you know shoes can just make or break your date look? Women tend to notice men’s shoes a lot more than they know and if you really want to style up your date fashion game, finding that good-looking pair of shoes is the way to go.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of a good-looking watch. It need not be a Rolex or hefty price-tag watch, even a simple watch that looks good on your wrists will add to your overall charm.
  • Go well-groomed. Style your hair right, make sure your nails are properly cut and clean, and if you have a beard and or a mustache, please make sure it is nicely-trimmed and groomed.
  • The cologne can have a magical effect. Invest in a good scent that matches your personal style. However,  the real trick is to never go overboard with the cologne.

The Takeaway

When dressing up your date, keep in mind to look a polished and more refined version of yourself. Do not ever dress in something you are not comfortable in because then you will not be confident on your date and we don’t want that, right?

So, the real trick of dressing up the right way is to feel confident in what you wear and have some fun. We hope our styling tips and the shirt looks will come handy to you when you will be going on your next date.

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