We have reached that time of the year when cold winds and wintery jitters are all that surrounds us. While we are excitedly awaiting the happy Christmas vibes and the crazy New Year parties, we have to make peace with the harsh reality - once we cross the celebrations, it’s nothing but winter blues for us!


It’s no surprise that the grey clouds and no sunshine will bring our spirits down once we step out of the house, but that doesn’t mean we can not be chirpy inside our homes! This year, we decided to take a different approach - rather than telling you how best to enjoy Christmas and New Year, we have come up with ideas on how you can kick those winter blues away once all the festivities end. 




Trust us, all you need to do is change some vibes in your indoor spaces and you’re good to go, so let’s skip the wait, and check out this guide! 

Bright quilts to bring color to your bedroom

Let’s face it, given how cold it is, most of us want to snuggle up in our cozy quilts and enjoy a good Sunday. While there is a bright side to staying cozy in bed, it can also become very depressing. So why not make this experience a bit brighter by giving your quilt a little more thought?


Ratan Jaipur makes one of the most unique quilts that are hand-blocked by skilled artisans, ensuring that their colors and prints lift the mood of any space in a second. We recommend opting for a floral hand-block print, to give your bedroom a dash of summer even with the winters right outside your window!

Setting up the table linen for a lit-up dining area

Not a lot of people would give this a thought, but small items have a lot of potential in changing the look and feel of a space. Think about this, a dining table acquires a lot of space in a room and switching its covers from basic to bright, you will end up lighting up your room in a way you never considered!


Try looking at some unique options for table linen from Ratan Jaipur - hand-printed table mats and napkins to go alongside will look like small items, but a proper table laced with this table linen will change the complete energy of the room!

Classic flowers to reminisce the summers 

The easiest way to bring in the nostalgia of the summer vibes and keep all your winter blues at bay, flowers are essentially the best remedy for this season! They don’t need any big setup changes, they are convenient to place and definitely pocket-friendly.


How you want to position them in your indoor space and the quantity you choose is completely up to your discretion - even a hint of the summers that flowers bring will brighten your home and your mood! 

Fashionable lights to light up the house (Literally!) 

No matter the size or structure of your home, you can never have too many lights! In the season we are right now, where days are short and we are perpetually craving the sun, why not bring the lights inside your house, even if it calls for artificial measures? 


Bright white LED lights are considered to be the antidote to the winter depression that kicks in most of us. You can place them in any and every room of your home in order to fight the lethargy away and brighten your home in the best way possible! And if the decor is something you like, you can also look at customized lamps for certain areas in your home to bring in a creative touch.




Apart from adding some extra elements to your home to fight the winter blues, we also have some remedies that you can simply follow to keep your spirits high during this period. 

  • Exercise: You have definitely heard this one before, but winters can cause a lot of joint stiffness even for us youngsters, which will then create laziness within your body. A regular dose of exercise or jogging and you will be charged up the whole day.

  • Music: An actual course of therapy, music is known to help lift the moods of people even in the worst phases, let alone winter blues! Stepping out in the grey weather? Put on your earphones and listen to some fabulous trance; the cold weather is making your home depressing? Put those speakers to use and dance to some amazing tunes!

  • Food: Food habits suffer a lot during winters, and that, in turn, will have an effect on your mood, so make sure to keep yourself hydrated and full during all times. Avoid starchy foods and concentrate on giving proper nourishment to your body.



To sum it up, every weather can be daunting in its own ways, but a little bit of change in your current space, and you will be sorted for the whole period! Home decor plays a very important role in your life, so do check out Ratan Jaipur for some more ideas on how you can brighten the mood in your home.