Home furnishing fabrics you need to make your space summer-ready!

Spring is already here and summer is just knocking on the door. Apart from changing your wardrobe, you also feel like elevating your home decor to suit the summer vibes. After all, during the sweltering heat, there's no place more comforting than our homes, right?

So, if you are looking to give your home spaces a seasonal makeover, we have got tons of ideas to help you sort out the most breezy and trendy home furnishing essentials Let’s help you get started!

  • Say hello to lightweight and organic fabrics

  • Nothing feels comfortable and soothing more than natural fabrics. Cotton is undoubtedly the best fabric choice for summer. From bedsheets to table mats and curtains, go for cotton fabrics to keep the vibe of your home cool, calm and fun. 

    However, you can also go for fabrics like canvas if you are looking for greater durability or glace cotton/ satin if you want something fancier but equally comfortable & lightweight as cotton. 

  • Play with prints and patterns

  • Well, if you want to have fun around a theme, go for tropical or floral printed fabrics because both of them totally complement the summer vibe. 

    You can just mix and match your solid-coloured sofas with blockprinted cushion covers and even go for bright & cheery chair pads with intricate floral jaal prints.

  • Keep indoor spaces looking fresh with cool colours

  • Choosing fabrics in cooler colours for your home during summer has several advantages. White and pastel shades of blue, yellow, green etc., are known to reduce the perceived temperature of a space and create a sense of calmness and serenity. They’ll certainly help in keeping your home cooler and more comfortable during hot weather.

    Moreover, lighter colours are versatile and can be easily incorporated into any home decor style, making them an excellent choice for refreshing your home's look during the summer months.

    Ready to notch up your living space for summers?

    Well, choice of  fabrics play a significant role in making your home paces season-appropriate. So, while you take into account the tips we have shared above, we want you to stay clear of two common fabric choice mistakes that many make — first, keeping the heavy drapes and curtains on.

    They can make the room feel stuffy and hot so instead, it’s a good idea to opt for sheer breathable fabrics for your curtains to let in natural light and air in summer. Second, consider swapping out wall-to-wall carpeting for small rugs and durries made of lighter materials like bamboo, cotton, etc.

    These small changes can make a big difference in creating a cool and comfortable space during the summer season. 

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