Winter is here, and it’s biting cold out there! 


Did you know the tolerance level towards winter is vastly different for adults and kids? So, to help them combat the chilly, cold weather, as a parent, you need to make sure that they are suitably and properly clothed. The kid’s winter wear essentials wardrobe must be well-stocked and maintained so that they are warm and comfortable all day & night and do not catch winter cold.


Before we share the list of some must-have combo winter outfits for kids, here are the three most important tips you must be considering:

  1. Always go for layering. Layering helps in better insulation than just wrapping your little one in one very warm jacket/coat. Opting to go for layered winter essentials also gives you the flexibility to take off one layer when it gets warmer enabling greater comfort for your kid.
  2. As the tolerance levels of kids and adults are different, always dress your toddler and/or young one in one extra layer of clothing than what you are wearing under the same weather conditions.
  3. Winter accessories are a must to ensure that the little ones are completely comfortable. For example, a warm cap, mittens/gloves, boots, warm stockings, etc. are essentials for the winter wardrobe of your kids.

Now that you have the basics sorted, let’s discuss the four winter essentials combos for your kids:

1.   Team daytime winter essentials with quilted jackets

During the daytime, when the sun is out, you can opt for cotton quilted jackets that give enough warmth while keeping your kids comfortable. If it is not too cold then you may also choose sleeveless quilted jackets.


Ratan Jaipur has a wide range of printed cotton quilted jackets perfect for mild winter weather and daytime. The best part is that they are reversible and can be worn from either side.


For example, if you have a baby girl, you can pair for these floral printed full-sleeves or sleeveless quilted jackets in vibrant colors with dresses, tops, and even jumpsuits.


For the young boys, you may pair these colored quilt jackets over a pullover or sweatshirt for a fun look.


2.  Turtleneck Sweater+ Dress+ Boots

One of the cutest combos for your little princess could be pairing up a dress over a turtleneck sweater and complementing the look with stockings and boots. You can also add a fun beanie cap to complete the look.


To explain, complement this red dress with a turtleneck sweater underneath the dress in white or green color (perfect look for Christmas also), and further accentuate your cutie’s look with fur boots over the pair of warm stockings/tights. You may choose between solid-colored stockings or printed/striped ones as per your little one’s personal preference, and also layer up with knee-length overcoats on winter nights. 


Trust us, this combo can become one of the best winter party wear dresses for kids that they’ll love!

3.  Give your wardrobe a cardigan top-up!

While quilted jackets are perfect for sunny winter days, on days of extreme cold, you must layer up your kids to keep them cozy. Apart from a turtleneck sweater underneath the tops, you can team it up with open printed cardigans, or a poncho too.


There are many kids whose skin is sensitive to woolen clothing and they may have allergic reactions like itching or rashes due to woolens. It is advisable to have a cotton top as the first layer on the skin so that the woolen cardigan, jacket, or any other clothing doesn’t come in direct contact with their skin.

4. Coat-up your festive wear for winters

In case, there’s a wedding or a festive get-together in your family, worry not. We have the perfect winter-proof clothing solution for you.


For boys, if it's daytime then as suggested before, our cotton quilted jackets are a perfect choice. Otherwise, you can go for velvet Nehru jackets for Kurtas or a kids’ blazer over a crisp solid colored shirt. Do not forget to layer up with thermals, underneath.


For girls, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. When going for light lehengas or suits like shown below, complete the look with stocking under the lehenga skirt, and an overcoat over the top.


5.   Pair your kid’s night suits with comfy jackets

For the nightwear, your kids must be at their most comfortable self. Instead of going for tracksuits, you can go for cotton night suits that are soft to the skin and breathable.


To pair them up with winter essentials, you can complement the kids’ nightsuits with basic hoodie jackets and jersey jackets.


A pro tip: To keep your kids warm at night, use a  quilted bedcover or spread a light quilt on the bedsheet as it offers better insulation and regulates the room temperature.


You can check out these full-sleeved cotton nightsuits for boys and girls in playful prints and fun colors that can light up your little one’s moods.


The ideal tip to ensure the best winter clothes for kids is to get creative. Move past the basics of winter clothing and think about how you can elevate your little ones’ style while keeping them all warm and cozy. And, if you are exploring kids’ winter wear online in India, do check out our website for a wide range of winter wear for boys and girls.