For quite some time, art and craft have been seen as activities that children can participate in only for fun. However, with learning and schooling shifting to a completely remote environment, parents have been blessed with the opportunity to convert this “fun activity” into one that grooms the creative abilities of their child. 


Drawing and colouring objects, designing and cutting out shapes, creating fun items using clay- all of it is a part of crafting and each one of these activities enhances the development of a child. 


To make teaching art lessons more efficient and interesting, parents can invest in getting craft kits for their child- these will not only help them learn but also make crafting an enjoyable experience for them. 


Listed below are some of the best varieties of craft kits for kids. You can also visit here to purchase them. 

1. DIY 

Do-it-yourself techniques have proven to be very successful in teaching crafting to kids in the most unconventional way. What better way of teaching than giving your child the freedom to create whatever they want, however they want! 


 DIY craft kits


Creativity flows the best when there’s no restriction, and like the name says, DIY is all about bringing out the best of your imagination. And not to forget, it’s easier for the kids to learn this because of all the fun involved- give them a printing kit and a base to create, and witness them create masterpieces in no time!  


Whether it’s designing notebooks, self embroidery kits, or creating handmade greeting cards- your little one can do so much on their own with the help of DIY craft kits


You can also click here to read more about DIY craft kids and why they would be suitable for your child. 

2. Sketchbook 

That you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and its appearance is true, but would you be able to explain that to a child? For them, what appeals to the eye, is what they’ll love. And any parent would understand how hard it is to find something that interests their child for a long time! 


We know kids love scribbling. Their growing minds and creative skills know no boundaries, and many of us have seen that on the walls of our homes where they gladly showcase their artistic sides. 




So, why not let them display their art and drawings in gorgeous handmade sketchbooks? You can check out some of the best ones here. Their beautiful finish and unique covers will catch your kid’s eye in an instant, and the colourful sheets would excite them to showcase their creativity in those amazing sketchbooks! 

3. Shaped Paper Cutouts 

While it has been established that drawing, colouring, DIY’s are really helpful for a child’s creative growth, there are other types of crafting as well. One of them is handmade decoration. It could be for anything- decorating books, or accessories, or even decorating the door of the kid’s room! 


There are a lot of techniques for doing this, one of the simplest yet most creative ways with which you can teach the concept of decoration is by using shaped paper cutouts


With the different forms of gorgeous handmade paper cutouts, some of which you can find here, your kid would jump to take their notebooks out and start decorating them with the beautiful designs. 


shaped cutouts


The best part about them? They’re already designed and ready to be pasted, so your kid doesn’t have to risk cutting papers and hurting themselves. They’re made out of handmade papers which give them a fine finish and that would appeal to your kid’s eyes.


And finally, they come in different shapes like butterflies and flowers, and your child can identify them while using them for decoration; that’s teaching your kids multiple things at the same time- all while having lots of fun! 

4. Art and Craft Paper

Because of the scenario we are in, where schools are shut and kids are at home all day long, they have a lot of free time that can be put to great use. One of those great uses could be getting art and craft paper to create different patterns of cards/ objects. It’s not just a fun activity, but also one that will help your child’s mind to become sharper. 


art and craft papers 


We all love the fancy look of a handmade sheet; the case is no different with kids as well. They can use these sheets to design handmade birthday cards for their parents or friends. You can also teach them about different kinds of shapes like squares, circles and make them cut those shapes using the craft paper. These sheets are also very useful and visually appealing when kids are working on scrapbooks.  


If your kid loves crafting, they will enjoy this. And if they don’t, creating fun items with this art and craft paper will surely make them fall in love with it! 


There are a lot of skills that a child can learn easily through art and craft; a better understanding of colours, recognising shapes and patterns, and in a more general way, getting the confidence to use their creativity freely! And not to forget, crafting is exciting and fun in its ways. 


You can find a lot of art and craft kits online that you can get for your kid, or you can also click here and choose from some amazing craft kits for kids! 


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