Say hello to the most romantic season of the year- monsoon! A great time to do so much- sit in our balconies and enjoy the breeze, have a sip of the hot chai, go out for a morning drive, or just eat pakodas!  


However, as fun as it may sound, this season is not the most convenient for fashion lovers, for obvious reasons. Humidity in the air, damp clothes because of the constant rains, and the forever gloomy mood- the scenario for fashionistas is almost empathetic. 


If you are also a fashion lover and are facing the same problem, do not just crawl back into your homes to escape this season yet, we have you covered. 


Based on our research, we have shortlisted some outfits for the monsoon that you can don during this unpredictable monsoon season. Trust us, not only are they comfortable, but also super chic!

1. Short dresses for a chic look


There is a great concept with short dresses- they look great always, regardless of the season/ occasion. The monsoon season is no different and serves two purposes here. First, you can rock your look with a nice flowy short one piece, and second, the knee-length dress will protect you from ruining your dress even amidst all the mud and dirty water on the roads. 


While opting for a dress, make sure you select one that is comfortable so that you can easily survive a whole day in one outfit if you must! You can also click here to check out some great options for knee-length dresses that will be perfect for this monsoon season.

2. Comfortable fabric for every outfit

You could get yourself the most beautiful outfit but it would all go to waste if the material the dress is made of is not right. Rainy days cause a lot of humidity and that in turn causes you to sweat a lot. Now suppose you wear an attire made of silk and step out to a party, surviving even for a short period would be difficult! 


Which is why, be very mindful of the fabric- wear outfits made of cotton because they are light and would not make you irritable with the humidity. You can also opt for fabrics that dry out very easily- for those unfortunate circumstances where you get drenched in the rain. 

3. Everything but not skin fitted clothes

Women often commit a very common mistake just to always keep their fashion game on point, and that is wearing clothes that are uncomfortable in fit. Skin fitted clothes are super trendy- agreed, however, fashion is also a lot about being comfortable in whatever you are wearing. 


For that, during this period of monsoon season, you should avoid wearing fitted clothes as much as possible. Not only will the weather make you feel suffocated, but if you are planning to step out and the rain gets to you, getting out of the outfit will become a nightmare for you! 


If you want to check out some alternate options to wear instead of skin fitted clothes, you can go for loose-fit kurta and pants. You can club this beautiful long kurta with straight pants for a cool and comfortable look.

4. Outfits with bright colors


Let us face it, stepping out of the chirpiness of summer and coming right into the gloominess of monsoon is not the best feeling! Dullness kind of surrounds you from all directions, and it is very important to up your game if you want to get rid of those 50 shades of grey. 


What you wear has a great impact on how you feel, so your outfit should resonate with your mood. You can easily beat those monsoon blues by choosing bright shades of dresses to wear. A cool kaftan of red/ blue/ yellow color will balance out the darkness of the sky and give you the best outfit for rainy season! You can also go for floral dresses and light shades of kurtas to ace your look. 

5. Add-ons to complete the look 


It is advisable to avoid layering yourself up with clothes when you are heading out during the monsoon season. However, the right choice of add-ons will only make your overall look more complete. A bright colored stole on your day dress would be the perfect pop of color to make you shine. Oh, and an added benefit, if it suddenly starts raining and you are out- drape that stole to cover yourself up and you are all prepped up for the monsoon! 


While these are just some of the ideas for monsoon clothing, there are a lot of other aspects you should keep in mind to slay your monsoon look- accessorize well, carry a lightweight bag with you, a floral umbrella would also look very chic. 


All you need to keep in mind is that whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel comfortable. That, and a lot of patience to deal with the humidity will surely get you through this monsoon season! 




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