Ratan Jaipur's Quilts: Adding a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

Little touches make all the difference when transforming a house into a home. If you are looking for that perfect blend of comfort and style, look no further than Ratan Jaipur's exquisite quilts. 

Our Jaipuri quilts add a touch of sophistication to any living space. The skills and expertise of Ratan Jaipur are nothing short of extraordinary. Every aspect of their art reflects a commitment to perfection. Our workers have honed their extraordinary abilities to create truly exceptional quilts. As we delve deeper into our home textile offerings, you will discover the magic woven into every thread of a Ratan Jaipur quilt.

Personalize Your Ratan Jaipur's Home Textile Essentials

You can add your personal touch to the Ratan Jaipur home textile essentials in several ways.

  • Color Coordination: Have fun with colors to make your space unique! Pick textile items in colors that go well with your current decoration and match your personal style.
  • Mix and Match: Make your special style by combining Ratan Jaipur's fabric items. You can match different quilt patterns with cushion covers and pillowcases that go well together. This way, you can show off your own one-of-a-kind fashion.
  • Accessorize: You can put decorative pillows, throws, or shams from different brands that match your unique style. This way, you can make your space truly your own.
  • Layering: Mix Ratan Jaipur's quilts and dohars to make your bed more interesting and cozy. Layering them adds extra comfort and a textured look. It's like customizing your bed to feel how you like it.


    1. Ogee Blue & Green Single & Medium Hand Block Print Extra Cotton Filling Quilt

    Ogee Blue & Green Single & Medium Hand Block Print Extra Cotton Filling Quilt

    Our Ogee quilt is a masterpiece of bedding. We use lightweight cotton voile fabric that's been block-printed for this quilt. It's super comfortable and lets air through, so you don't get too hot. This quilting process is done by hand by our in-house workforce. 

    Our top priority is your comfort. This blue and green quilt is designed to keep you comfortable all year round. Whether it's winter and you need warmth or summer and want something cool, our Ogee quilt covers you. You will have a peaceful sleep, no matter the weather.

    The Ogee quilt is handcrafted with care from 100% cotton. So it is soft and gentle all night long. It is lightweight but still cozy. It weighs just 1.2 kg for the single size and 2 kg for the medium size. You are sure to have the perfect night's sleep with it.

    2. Sunflower Green & Pink Hand Block Print Lightweight Cotton Quilt

    Sunflower Green & Pink Hand Block Print Lightweight Cotton Quilt

    Sunflower Green & Pink Hand Block Print Lightweight Cotton Quilt, is very unique. It features a magnificent pattern that was hand-block printed on it. This quilt strikes the ideal mix of coziness, warmth, and beauty.

    We put a lot of care into making this quilt. The quilt's intricate details demonstrate this. The elaborate designs and vivid colors resemble a work of art in any bedroom. This quilt is ideal whether you want to freshen up your decor or make your bed extra cozy.

    The cotton used to make this blanket only adds to its already incredible beauty. It is entirely made of cotton. This gives it incredible softness and allows your skin to breathe. Cotton that has been manually carded serves as the filler. As a result, you'll sleep soundly without becoming uncomfortable or overheated.

    There are two sizes available: double and king. You will thus find the ideal fit, whether you have a cozy double bed or a roomy king-sized one. The nicest feature is that it is portable. Therefore, the warmth and coziness of a traditional quilt are provided without making you feel heavy. It keeps you warm without feeling too heavy, making it ideal for year-round comfort.

    Before we dive deeper into the next Ratan Jaipur's luxurious quilt, make sure to check other  Beautiful Lightweight Jaipuri Quilts (Razai). Our quilt collection is full of pretty designs that you will love for your home. Remember to check it out to see more of our wonderful creations!

    3. Geometric Quint Yellow & Grey Color Hand Block Print Extra Cotton Filling Quilt

    Geometric Quint Yellow & Grey Color Hand Block Print Extra Cotton Filling Quilt

    This yellow and grey quilt is an exquisite piece of artwork. It is manufactured to order utilizing the block printing process. This procedure is rather time-consuming. However, it produces a singular work of art that highlights the talent and commitment of our staff.

    We used a lightweight cotton voile fabric that has been block-printed for this quilt. It is soft and allows air to pass through, keeping you from overheating. We use high-quality, comfortable, 100% pure cotton. This quilt is made to keep you cozy throughout the year. The extra cotton stuffing also keeps you warm when it's cold outside. Because it's light, it is perfect for warmer weather. So that no matter the season, you may have a comfortable night's sleep.

    To maintain the top-notch appearance of your Jaipuri Razai, we advise having it dry-washed. The striking hues and intricate designs will remain as intriguing as the day you received them in this fashion.

    4. Sunflower Green & Pink Hand Block Print Lightweight Medium Cotton Quilt

    Sunflower Green & Pink Hand Block Print Lightweight Medium Cotton Quilt

    The block printing technique is honored in our Sunflower quilt. This quilt is handcrafted in-house by our talented craftsmen utilizing the age-old block printing method. Intricate motifs are carved into teak wood blocks, submerged in vibrant dyes, and manually stamped onto the fabric. When we utilize multiple colors, this procedure is done numerous times, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art.

    Every Sunflower quilt is a special piece of artwork. It displays the skills and commitment of our workers. It is made from a thin cotton voile fabric. The finest quality and comfort are guaranteed because the entire quilting process is done by hand with  pure cotton. This fabric provides a remarkable balance of comfort and breathability.

    No matter the weather, you will have a warm and comfortable night's sleep because of our quilt's incredible adaptability. It is nonetheless lightweight despite its plush warmth. You may rest easy knowing that the medium size quilt weighs 0.95 kg.

    5. DIY Spring Mustard & Brown Hand Block Print Lightweight Cotton Quilt

    DIY Spring Mustard & Brown Hand Block Print Lightweight Cotton Quilt

    The warm and inviting mustard and brown quilt will give your home a fresh look just in time for spring. This quilt focuses on both comfort and beauty, making it ideal for anybody looking for a classic quilt's coziness without the weight.

    We at Ratan Jaipur know the importance of comfort for a good night's sleep. This thin quilt was painstakingly handmade from 100% cotton. Soft, hand-carded cotton stuffing keeps you cozy all night. You can rely on this quilt to give you a restful and serene night's sleep.

    Our homemade Rajasthani quilt has a beautiful hand-block-printed pattern. Any bedroom is made cozier by the intricate designs and earthy tones of mustard and brown. This quilt is ideal to refresh your decor or make a cozy refuge. Since there are various bedroom sizes, we provide four size options: single, medium, double, and king.

    You may take advantage of the warmth of spring without feeling overly burdened, thanks to the availability of our thin quilt in several sizes. King size weighs 1.87 kg, double 1.49 kg, medium 0.95 kg, and single 0.80 kg. It is ideal for the changing seasons of spring because it is made for all-year comfort.

    6. Daffodil Grey & Black Hand Block Printed Cotton AC Quilt

    Daffodil Grey & Black Hand Block Printed Cotton AC Quilt

    Our Daffodil Quilt, now in its 40th Edition, is a true testament to timeless beauty and craftsmanship. Inspired by the grace and charm of daffodils, this quilt is designed to envelop you in a world of comfort and style.

    At the heart of this masterpiece is the art of hand block printing. Using the age-old block printing technique, our workers have created intricate designs by hand-carving wooden blocks. We offer three size options to cater to your specific needs: medium, double, and king. The pure hand-fluffed cotton filling ensures that you experience the highest level of quality and comfort. Whether your bedroom decor is classic or contemporary, this quilt complements your style.

    7. Pochampally Ikat Maroon Hand Block Print Extra Cotton Quilt

    Pochampally Ikat Maroon Hand Block Print Extra Cotton Quilt

    A comfortable night's sleep is essential, and our Pochampally Ikat Maroon Quilt is made to deliver that. This quilt is a masterpiece crafted in-house through the timeless block printing process. The entire quilting process is completed by hand with 100% pure cotton. Crafted from lightweight block-printed cotton voile fabric, it offers exceptional comfort and breathability. 

    We have you covered whether you have a medium-sized bed, a roomy double bed, or a beautiful king-sized bed. Maroon and blue's colour scheme pays respect to Pochampally Ikat's rich hues. This quilt easily compliments your style and adds a touch of heritage and grace whether your bedroom decor is traditional or modern.

    Wrapping It Up

    The key features of Ratan Jaipur's basic home textiles are quality and style. You may still personalize your living area even when they don't provide customization by combining their things, choosing colors that make you happy, and adding your own unique touches. With the help of Ratan Jaipur's textile necessities, you can create a cozy, elegant home that is distinctly yours.