Being the most diversified country we are blessed with, India has the most challenging seasonal changes that bring out the best of our diversified culture, ethics, and living ideas. With the upcoming changes in our wardrobe needs, our home decor needs attention too.


While the pandemic has hit the market, we shall pledge to support our homegrown brands and DIY decor plans. and what better to make your home decor ideas eco-friendly as well.


Indeed, sustainability is the idea of consistently adapting practices and making lifestyle choices that benefits the community we are living in along with the entire ecological system.


And to start with, the idea should not be to hamper the system, rather try to stay away from any sort of practices that can harm our social, biological, economical, or environmental sustainability that we shall all master to understand the need for lifestyle choices.

1. The sustainable Home furnishing style

When we talk about sustainability, the very first factor that comes to our mind is the type of material used in home furnishing, and cotton stands tall with pride, as being the most versatile, eco-friendly, and sustainable material. Specifically, when you choose for your home decor, bed covers, dohars, printed quilts, table runners, are the ones that are responsible for revamping the decor like no other.


Although it is often presumed that bright, gaudy looks of bed sheets, tablecloths, and cushion covers, will add more glam and glitter to the home; textured fabrics like linen and cotton can never be undermined. Besides being good for health and the home, these furnishing materials also encourage sustainability and lend authenticity to the space. 


With a stylish quotient and comfort in the monsoon weather, which demands extra care, it surely fulfills all your needs and is a great idea of mindful sustainable living.



2. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have become a design of conventional decor for over a decade now. Everyone is getting attracted toward those luscious greens in their living areas, balconies, and even in bedrooms to get that natural vibe in their space.


But these typically come with a lot of care and not so friendly plastic pots which are uninvited in the ecological atmosphere like the fertilizers available in the market for the plants.


You can fill your home with plants that don’t weigh on your mind when you grow air-purifying plants that thrive with a bit of sunshine from your nearest window. These typically require little care and purify the air around them, so you’re banishing airborne toxins while improving your home’s look. An easy way to boost your green credentials is by adding each in every room.


Chinese money plants, silver dollar plants, jade plants, dragon trees, Chinese water bamboo, and aloe vera are some of the house plants that are easiest to manage with just some sunlight and some water.


3. Reclaiming your decor 

If you’re planning to buy a piece of new furniture or wanna change your old table or cabinet, think once again before buying a new one, because, with that, you are moving a step forward to deforestation. 


Instead, you can buy pre-loved furniture for your decor which is easily available on various online sites where you can even bargain for the vintage pieces you were looking for ever since.


It’s recycled and doesn’t hurt the environment, unlike buying something new made from recently destroyed, oxygen-supplying trees. Reclaimed wood works perfectly for popular interior design choices like barn-styled bedroom doors or floating shelves in an office or living room.

4.Choose your light, right

There is nothing warm and quite charming like a glow of candles with the soothing fragrance that not only lifts your mood but also creates vibrancy in your living areas. However, you need to be mindful before buying the candles if they aren’t responsible for harming our planet. 


Most candles are made up of metals in the wick, Voc’s as standard paints, and many other toxins which aren’t environment friendly. So, to avoid them, look for candles made up of beeswax or soy and essential oils.


5. Paper Decors

Plastics will forever be an eternal enemy for the safe environment as so are the decor items made of them. Paper decors for example the DIY kits for photo frames, notepads and paper elephants are some of the sustainable products which are eco-friendly and not a burden on your pocket.


With the rapid growth in global warming, the environment is not safe in any way. To make our ecological system sustainable, one must take a step forward to do their bit to save our environment and the very first step in sustainable living. We have curated the list for the home decor ideas that are not only pocket-friendly but will also help to save our environment for a better future.