The Ultimate Quilt Buying Guide: How To Find The Best Quilt To Buy

We recently discussed with you the ways of perfect winter bedsheets as per your sleep profile and climatic conditions. However, understanding the best quilt to buy is one of the most important decisions to make when going to winter bedding shopping.

The type of quilt, its size, the material, design, etc., are all crucial variables that need to be weighed before you make the buying decision. But do not worry because we have the answers for all your quilt buying problems.

Here is the complete quilt buying guide, broken down for you based on its various components to ensure that you find the right quilt that keeps you warm and cozy all winter long.

1. Quilt Size

Deciding the quilt size is the first decision to make when buying a quilt. Our pro-tip on zeroing on the perfect size of the quilt is to opt for one size up from your bed. 

For example, if you have a single bed, do not go for a single quilt but a medium-sized one, and if you share your quilt with your partner, go for a double bed quilt or a king-size as it will wrap better and keep you warmer.

2. Quilt Thickness

Again to determine the ideal thickness and height of the quilt, you need to check your personal as well as weather variables. If you are a hot sleeper and sweat even during winters, a lightweight quilt will suffice for you. 

But, if you are a cold sleeper, a heavy winter quilt will be required to keep you warm. Apart from this, in extreme weather conditions, you can opt for layered quilts, i.e., supplementing a light quilt with a heavy winter quilt on top, giving you an option to remove one of the layers in case of temperature fluctuation during the night.

3. Quilt Fabric

The choice of fabric largely depends on whether you are a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper and the weather conditions around you. While you may opt for heavy winter quilts like woolen and feather quilts in case you are a cold sleeper or when temperatures are extremely low, cotton quilts should be preferred in case you are a hot sleeper and the temperatures remain moderate in your area.

Cotton quilts are highly durable, great at regulating body temperatures, and are suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies from microfibers as they are made of natural fibers and are lightweight.

4. Quilt Designs & Styling

When choosing a winter quilt, the aesthetics of your bedroom, and your personal style & preferences play a critical role. Buying a quilt that complements your bedroom color and vibe can just elevate the overall look of your space.

  1. a)     Solid-Colored

If your bedroom has bold interiors and too many colors, a quilt in neutral hues will perfectly balance out the vibe, giving it a chic and sophisticated look.

  1. b)     Block prints

Rajasthani quilts, especially, the Sanganeri block printed Jaipuri quilts are one of the most pleasing designs in quilts and a must-have in your winter wardrobe. Ratan Jaipur is known for its high-quality block printed cotton quilts available in a wide range of designs.

The highlighting feature of our cotton quilts is that they are reversible, giving you the choice of two designs.

The latest addition to our range is the beautiful block printed patchwork quilts, enhancing the beauty of the patterns by combining two designs arranged in blocks.

If you love everything floral, you will love our vibrant range of floral pattern cotton quilts. From striking Mughal motifs to overall intricate patterns, there are stunning prints to choose from.

If your bedroom décor is more subtle and houses abstract art, or if you like everything subtle, go for geometric or abstract block prints.

  1. c)     Embroidered

If you want to elevate the luxurious vibe of your bedroom, explore embroidered or self-weaved quilts as they give a delicate and sophisticated look.

  1. d)     Matching winter bedding

A great quilt styling tip is to match the quilts with the other winter bedding essentials. Coordinated quilts and bed covers give a regal look. To illustrate, you can complement this striking Ragini Buta quilt with the matching bed cover from the same collection


6. Taking Care of your Winter Quilts

To ensure the longevity and the luster of your quilt, it is necessary to properly wash, store, and maintain them. Below we share with you some tricks, tips, and hacks for quilt care.

  • Always read the wash care instructions on the quilts carefully. Also, we would strongly recommend going for dry-cleaning instead of machine wash due to the heavyweight and size of the quilt.
  • You can get the quilt dry cleaned before packing it away after the season change. In between, you can keep the quilts outside on a sunny day once every month as it eliminates any foul smell and stops the accumulation of dust mites. However, do not place the quilts in direct sunlight as it can damage the color and the cotton fibers. Always place them in shade.
  • Before storing it, make sure that your quilt is completely dry. Store it in a cool, dry place in a cotton breathable bag. If you have to store it in a plastic vacuum bag, wrap it in a cotton/muslin cloth and then place it in the plastic bag.
  • Do not eat or drink near your quilts as the spilling of food can leave a bad stain and foul smell, some of which may not get removed even after a dry-clean.


The key takeaway is that you need to carefully assess your personal preferences and tolerance towards cold temperatures along with taking into account your bedroom aesthetics before selecting the right quilt for you. Our quilt buying guide gives you a fair idea of how to analyze and scrutinize every attribute of the quilt to make the right decision.

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