06 Baby Gift Ideas You Should Definitely Consider

Welcoming a newborn into this world is not just a cause of celebration for the parents, but for the entire family! Surrounded by happy vibes and tears of joy, it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience.

And ofcourse, a new member means there would be a plethora of loved ones bringing in gifts for the baby, and as easy as it sounds, getting a gift for a newborn is not an easy task! 

But don’t worry, we have this sorted out for you! Amongst the many options that there are, we have shortlisted some of the best ones so that the next time you want to gift something for your loved ones’ new born baby, you don’t have to struggle! 

Comfy set for a good night’s sleep:

Sleep doesn’t come easy for a baby, and don’t we all know it! It takes time, effort and a lot of caressing to get them comfortable so they can sleep well at night. Trust us, there is nothing better you can get as a gift than the promise of a comfy and easy sleep for a baby!

It’s actually a gift for both the baby, and the parents! Ratan Jaipur is known for their “baby gift set” which includes a handcrafted cotton top and bottom, a blanket, a snuggle toy, and an extra change of nappie. There you go - the baby’s comfort and sleep is guaranteed! 

Baby blanket:

Trust us, parents are perpetually finding ways to make their babies feel comfortable! And if you are looking at gifting something to your loved ones for their baby, why not something that’s the best of both worlds?

Look at getting a customized blanket, one that’ll instantly make the baby feel comfortable, and has their name on it to add a personalized touch! 

Baby diapers:

Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong here. Every parent runs out of diapers and is always looking for more! One thing you should remember is to invest in diapers which are skin-friendly and don’t irritate the baby.

Thanks to the growing market, there is a sea of options you can choose from, and there you go - an amazing gift in your hands! 

Baby bath items:

While a bath set is a great idea for a gift, you need to be extremely careful in choosing the products.

Every mom is paranoid when it comes to using bath products on their baby’s skin, because of the chance of any allergies or side effects.

Therefore, we recommend not experimenting and opting for reputed brands who create safe and organic baby bath products. 

Photo album (for the parents):

Well, this is more of a gift for the parents, but eventually would be a memory for the baby! No matter how many gifts or materialistic things we get, the little things always win!

So if you want to get something more personal, instead of the regular clothes and bath sets, get a custom photo album that the parents can use to make memories, as the baby gets older. Trust us, this is a timeless gift, and you can not put a price to it! 

The bestseller - toys:

The first thing that came to your mind as a gift idea even before you read this - yes, toys! Different sounds and shapes fascinate newborns, and it has been proven that toys help in the growth of a baby’s mind.

We have plenty of creative toys in the market that you can choose from, and this is the safe choice - you won’t go wrong with this!