Here’s A Roundup Of Our Favorite Picks From This Season’s Women Clothing

Bold, fearless, subtle, simple, elite; there are hundreds of adjectives you can use to describe a woman’s personality. They reflect strength and poise at the same time, and how they carry themselves should match this energy at all times.

You may think that attires do not play a very significant role in defining a woman’s personality - but oh it makes all the difference! 

The last season saw a lot of new trends and styles in women’s clothing, and they were all undoubtedly amazing. But there were some that took our breath away, and we feel they are the ones that do justice to the grace of every woman.

So if you are on the lookout for a new attire, we think these are the best choices for you, and you can wear them for different occasions. 


A light and breezy dress to help you zoom past your day in style - whether it is a Wednesday at work, or a Sunday brunch with friends. 

Shirt dress:

For the ones who like dressing up smart and boss-like, shirt dresses are the perfect fit for you. It gives a neat look, and is definitely a step ahead of the regular stuff that women wear. 

Suit set:

This season saw a lot of new trends in traditional wear, but this one is our favorite - a blend of traditional and formal. A simple kurti paired with pants, and you are in for the most chic look ever! These suit sets are perfect for multiple occasions: festivals, family get-togethers, a day trip, or even a work day! 


With summers right around the corner, there is no pick better than a kaftan to enjoy the summery vibe in style! They are perfect for a vacation at the beach, or even a picnic with the family or friends. It’s light, breezy, and gives you room to feel relaxed - and that just makes it our favorite! We would definitely recommend you to opt for a light colored kaftan, to make it right for the summers. 

Ankle-length pants:

Ankle length pants are the new palazzo, a trend which is definitely adored by almost every woman out there, and by us too! You can pair them up with practically anything, a long kurti, a crop top, a plain t-shirt - anything! And to top it up, pants are super comfortable, especially if you are looking at a long day. 

Printed jackets:

This year saw the comeback of jackets, in an amalgamation of both traditional and western. If you are someone who likes experimenting and trying out new things to wear, we recommend donning a printed jacket for a casual day out.

It is simple yet chic, the perfect combination we want for ourselves, and if accessorized with some hoops, there is nothing that beats this look! 

These are just some of the clothing options that we think are the absolute best, but of course, there are many more that you can look at from Ratan Jaipur, but trust us, you will look great in whatever you decide to wear!