The rise of COVID in the last two years has been a game-changer for every person and has changed the way we look at things. But more than anything, it taught us that being in our homes at this time is extremely vital. We are spending the majority of our time sitting in the comfort of our homes, and our beds or dining tables have essentially become our workstations!


Having to spend such long hours in the same space can become quite monotonous, and will eventually harm your productivity. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time giving that space a brighter tone so that your room and the living area of your house look fresh from time to time.


That said, we also understand that renovating a place or focusing on decor is not an easy task and can become tedious, which is why we have come up with an easier solution. With the home furnishing products at Ratan Jaipur, you can easily transform the look of your bedroom/ living room with barely any effort!


Check out some of the items that will help you create that transformation: 



It comes as no surprise that the only element that you need to bring comfort in your bedroom is your bed. A nicely made and comfortable bed will give you the luxury of a good night’s sleep like nothing else. And a visually appealing bedding set will make your room look charming and presentable - which in today’s times has become a necessity! 


A pioneer in bringing comfort to the masses with the best home products, Ratan’s bedding sets are not just comfortable, but look supremely elegant and will ensure your bedroom looks at its best throughout the day! 

Table Linen:


You would be surprised to know how easy it is to create magic in your living area just by using the right additions. Table napkins, mats are items that are very easy to select and purchase and yet leave a very big impact on the aesthetic appeal of the space. To make this process all the easier for you, Ratan Jaipur has curated a set of the best table linen with the most appropriate material to enhance the spirit of your room.



Duvets do not come cheap and we all know that pretty well, and they are not an item we replace very often, therefore it is important to keep them in good shape to ensure they last long. An easy way to do this is by investing in bed covers - they are elegant, comfortable and protect your duvets in all capacities. Moreover, Ratan Jaipur creates very good quality bed covers that are handmade by skilled artisans, so you can rest assured that the ones you pick from them will be the best!

Bedding For Kids:


For all the parents of young kids out there, we understand how difficult it can be to select custom bedding for your kids! They do not want to rest in bedding sets that are not visually appealing to them, and we want to ensure they sleep on comfortable and good-quality material. Well, Ratan Jaipur has the best-blended solution for both these problems - hand printed with pure cotton fabrics and featuring an interesting combination of cute characters and motifs, the bedding options by Ratan are the best choice you can make!


And not to forget, these cute additions will make the room brighter and definitely give it the charm of a baby’s room! 


For more options to lighten up your home, check out Ratan Jaipur