When you enter a bedroom, think about the first thing that catches your attention- without a doubt, it is the bed. Whether it is a master bedroom with multiple decor items or a modest bedroom with no fancy aesthetics, our first instinct would always be to turn our eyes towards the bed when we enter a room. 


Now that we know every person will notice your bed the moment they enter the room, isn’t it better if we put a lot more effort into making it look visually appealing? As small as it might sound, your bed decor, which includes your bedsheet/ pillow covers/ quilts needs a lot of thought and precision.


Check out this guide which will take you through the process of how you can buy the best-suited bed linen and how your bed can transform into a piece of decor! 

Size of the bedsheet:

While purchasing a bedsheet, start with checking the size of the sheet- it should be in perfect alignment with the size of your bed, going wrong here would only mean that your bed will always look improper and will ruin the overall look of your bedroom. 

Material of the bedsheet/ cushion cover:

Think about when you need your bed the most- when you want to rest or sleep. While it is important that your bed linen is visually appealing, don’t forget that being able to sleep requires comfort, so make sure that your linen is made out of comfortable material like cotton. 

Color of the linen:

As we mentioned before, the first place that attracts the attention of anyone in a room is the bed. So it’s important to factor that in while you are decorating your room and deciding on the linen for your bed. Your color combinations for your bedsheet and pillow covers will primarily depend on the mood of the room - is it dark-colored or light-colored, and you can accordingly decide on the contrasting colors. 


However, in some cases people like to opt for colors based on the weather, so make sure you decide that beforehand and make a purchase wisely. You can check out some great colors and patterns for your bed linen at Ratan Jaipur. 


The pattern of the linen:

For the people who like to project a specific mood to their bedroom, checking out the bed linen that Ratan Jaipur creates is a great idea, considering they provide unique and versatile options for giving life to bedrooms just through their bedsheets and pillow covers! Whether you want a classy look or a warm and cozy finish- you will get the perfect patterns of all kinds! 


Apart from these basic points that you should remember before purchasing Bed linen for your room, there are some secondary factors that you should ideally focus upon prior to selecting any material: 

  • Remember that your bed decor can make or break the complete look, so decide on the patterns carefully. Our recommendation will always be to choose simplicity over anything else.
  • Add more pillows to the set to give the room a better look; ideally don’t get the same set that’s placed on your bed, going experimental at times gives a good result!
  • Set your bed carefully, place all the pillows together and avoid creases on the bedsheet, it’s not something that generally gets noticed when setting the bed but trust us, it makes a lot of difference! 

If you want to look at the best options in bed linen for all types of bedrooms, check out Ratan Jaipur!