The festive cheer and excitement for Navratri are in the air and we collectively can not wait to doll up and celebrate with our loved ones! Ahead of the season, there are multiple decisions that we have to make; where will the get together be, who all will we invite and what not! But most importantly, we have to decide on the outfits that we will be wearing throughout the festival. 




The nine days of absolute vibrance call for some solid style statements and we have the best outfit ideas that you can seek some inspiration from. We have moved slightly away from the traditional concepts - 2021 should be the year we experiment and adapt to the newer and more fashionable trends! 




Check out the list below, and for more options visit Ratan Jaipur.


The All-time favorite suit set


If you are someone who does not like the dramatic moods of bling and glitter, a simple suit set would work wonders for you. Not only can you run around comfortably in the outfit, if you pick the right material, you can also spend the whole day celebrating without having to worry about changing attires! 


When choosing a suit set, remember to go for bright colors like red with hues of gold, to enhance the festive look. If purchasing separately, we recommend purchasing tapered pants along with the kurta - the pair balances the look very uniquely!


If you like accessorizing, you should definitely put on a gold plated ring, bracelet, and earrings. You can also pick and choose from these options, but accessorizing will make your outfit shine bright!



Mix and match with high waisted pants  


There is barely any need to highlight that women love comfortable pants/ palazzos. So why not go all out and dance your hearts out at Navratri in the most comfortable attire ever? High-waisted pants might be unconventional for this festival, but if you choose the right prints and pair them with a flared top, it will be the most 2021 Navratri attire ever - comfortable and chic! Remember to be wary of the fabric you are choosing- it makes all the difference in the world. 


This attire would not require accessorizing much in general, but for a festive event, it is good to pair it with a printed stole and some artificial rings to highlight your modernized look. We also recommend avoiding flats and opting for a pair of open heels for a more put-together look.



Break the stereotypes with a shirt 


That Navratri and the festive season are the best occasions to wear traditional clothes is something we have all heard at some point in our lives! But repeating the same trend of wearing traditional outfits every year can also get boring and tiring, so why don’t you go all lightweight and breezy this year! 


A combination of shirt and pants has been long loved, and we are infusing that with traditional methods to form the perfect outfit for Navratri and all the dancing that is awaiting. Hence, instead of a plain shirt, choose a hand-block printed shirt and tapered pants to stay connected to the traditions, while also keeping in mind your comfort. 


We recommend choosing bright and vibrant colors and accessorizing with a pair of heavy earrings and fashionable rings- making the attire look full of life is very significant!



Quilted jackets are the new Indo-western 


Yes, you read it right- quilted jackets can be a great addition to your Navratri wardrobe this season. Especially if you are not looking to purchase an entire ensemble and just want to refresh an old pair of dresses or kurta with some add-ons.


Go for a sleeveless cotton jacket, and to adhere to the festive mood, select contrasting colors for the combination. Your outfit will definitely stand out, and moreover, be ready for some great Instagram pictures with such a bold style statement!


For accessorizing, you can go heavy on the earrings and covering your hand with jewelry, because these additional items will make your overall look bloom!






All in all, this year’s Navratri should be all about being comfortable, trendy and selecting outfits that you would not essentially select on any random day! Take inspiration from the above-mentioned outfit ideas and go on a shopping spree right away - the festival is just around the corner. 


A pro tip: do not sacrifice the fabric of the outfit, because that is the most important aspect of any dress! If you want to look at more options for festive wear, click here