We are gearing up for one of the most auspicious and important occasions of the year - Diwali, and the festival of lights is all about spreading joy and celebrating with your loved ones. These celebratory occasions are also a great way to showcase your love for your close ones by gifting them something extraordinary that they will always cherish and remember! 


While it is very important to plan your gifting options, it is also important to think about the packaging of your gifts. Why? Because that is what will make your gift stand out and make it picturesque as well! Especially with social media parading our lives, it’s only obvious that good packaging and a thoughtful gift will always see the light of Instagram! 


This is why Ratan Jaipur has curated tailor-made solutions to help you with packing your Diwali gifts. Moreover, there is a guide on some of the best gifting options that you can seek guidance from for your gifts as well.  

Packaging options to enhance your gift’s look 

1) Gift Baskets:

These baskets are unique and made of handmade cardboard, keeping the environment in mind as well. Their printed design echoes the festival’s vibe and they are perfect for carrying dry fruits, chocolates, and other munchies - the ideal Diwali gifts packed in an ideal Diwali hamper!  


2) Small/ Large Bags:

Appropriate for packing anything ranging from perfume to a box of cookies - carry bags made out of handmade paper will act as a bonus to your gift! They are neat and keep everything together, and the handmade concept makes the packaging look very personalised. 


3) Wine Bags:

A festival like Diwali calls for gifting luxury wine bottles, but this year, you should do that in a premium way too. With customized sizes of bags specific to wine bottles, packing your gift will look extremely classy and rich.


4) Gift wrapping sheet:

Perhaps the most essential item for packing gifts, one can not do without wrapping paper! What’s intriguing is that your gifting can instantly be amped up with printing handmade sheets. This is definitely something you should use even when gifting the smallest of items to create an impression about your style. 


Best gifting options for Diwali this year 

1) T Light Bags:

Paper T light bags are a perfect and easy home decor item that can be used to illuminate your outdoor space, and can also be used at dinner parties and social gatherings to lighten up the room. The unique identity and usefulness of this item make it a very stand-out choice of gift, especially for the occasion of Diwali. 


2) Table Linen:

A perfect gift for someone who is obsessed with the small details and perfecting minute yet important areas in their home. Comprising of table mats and napkins with intricate design and printing, these linens are very refreshing and radiate vibrant energy all around.


3) Bedsheet & Covers:

Gifting ben linens are quite personal, hence they would make for an appropriate choice for someone close. They are extremely useful, and practically every household would love to have more of these!  


If you are familiar with the setup of the room and the color theme, choosing a bedsheet would not be a hard task. Remember to choose contrasting combinations to create beautiful aesthetics for the bedroom and your Diwali gift would be a huge hit!


4) Add-ons with traditional clothes:

A woman’s best friend when she wants to convert her basic kurta-palazzo set into a full-fledged suit - dupattas! Dupattas are timeless and accentuate the beauty of a woman with just their elegance. Gone are the days when women purchased full sets of suits along with their dupattas, hence this will make for a very useful Diwali gift for any woman! 


Go for a beautiful block-printed Chanderi dupatta in a soothing color that would pair well with multiple kurtas, and add a dash of tradition to your close one’s wardrobe!



While giving gifts on the occasion of Diwali might seem like a regular affair to some, it is essential to remember that this is a way of acknowledging someone’s importance in your life. And with time, the tradition of gifting has become more paramount which means your focus for the festival can not just be on getting ready - it also has to be making your close ones happy. 


That said, along with the gifting, the packaging is equally essential. It shows that you care and that you took the time and effort to decorate a gift and personalize it for someone. At Ratan Jaipur, you will get the best options for gifts that are thoughtful, as well as the packaging that synchronizes well with it!