Soothing winds, greenery all around owing to the glorious rainy season that’s just left, and a sky that is constantly at its best- it is that time of the year again! There is something intriguing about the months of September/ October,  they instill a very positive and breezy vibe within us and that reflects in our moods. 


And like we always hear, a woman’s outfit is a reflection of her mood - nothing less, nothing more. Keeping in line with that thought, we have something amazing for you this season. The Garden Fest collection by Ratan is specially curated to cater to the likes of women in the most trendy way - hand block prints embellished in the dress, light and vibrant colors to maintain a subtle look, and a beautiful fit, that is what the collection entails.


These dresses would be your go-to partner for a variety of occasions, and the exquisite prints will definitely make heads turn around and look!

Wrap dress for every occasion 

The love for wrap dresses is embodied in every fashionista, without a doubt. But the right blend of a wrap dress and hand block printing will make every woman adore the style. For an everyday casual look this season, you should opt for a wrap-around with light colors that match nature to stay on par with the current trends. Additionally, avoid an entirely plain dress, go for a printed piece to enhance the beauty of the couture.


Add ons: A pair of hula-hoops or long earrings, preferably a belt to accentuate your waist, and a high pair of stilettos to complete the chic look  


Reminisce about the summers with floral prints 

Don’t we all love summers? We have the freedom to don the most fashionable outfits, bask in the sun and beach, and avoid all possible winter jitters! While the winter season will start to knock on our doors pretty soon, we have a way to reminisce about the summers for a little longer.


The trend for floral prints - one of the most beloved this year, will be a soothing fresh update and an upliftment for both your wardrobe and your mood and remind you of all things summer! Choose a cotton fabric dress to stay comfortable in this weather, and a daisy flowered print to highlight the summery vibe.


Add ons: A nice pair of shades and earrings pairs perfectly with summers, and for Friday after work get-togethers, this attire would be perfect with a pair of high heels


Escape the ordinary with hand-block printed kurtas 

Over time, the love for kurtas has increased multifold and the fashion industry has embraced that love by creating amazing trends out of it. One such trend is hand-block printed kurtas - following a very intricate and unique design process, these kurtas are the best route to escape the ordinary and capture the eccentric! 


You can wear these at work, or when you are going out on a shopping spree, or even to a family get-together; the hand-block prints of the kurta bring in the versatility to don it on multiple occasions.


Add-ons: Keep it simple with a sling and a pair of studs, let your outfit take the limelight! 


Tis’ the season for tunics 

We all remember wearing tunics when we were kids, and it’s safe to say that the comfort of those dresses will never be forgotten. Well, thanks to the multiple facets of fashion- we can relive in that era and dive out of the nostalgia with a more modernized version of tunics.


A balanced mix of a shirt and kurta, tunics capture the true essence of Indian and formal wear! For this particular season, you should explore hand-block printed styles crafted in fine cotton to shine out.


Add-ons: Pair this with pants for a formal look, a pair of shades and hula-hoops would create a very fashionable mood, and a sling bag is a must! 





To sum it up, regardless of the season, weather, or occasion- the trend for printed outfits fuses very well with every mood. Hand-block prints are essentially one of the most traditional concepts of readying an outfit, and introducing its art in the current industry will create a very rich look for any woman who dons it! At Ratan Jaipur, there is a plethora of hand-block printed designs you can choose from, click here to visit!