What comes to your mind when you think of the most comfortable place in your house? Quite simple. it’s the Bedroom where you get your comfort of body and mind, but where does the comfort start, from the bed, and if you’re wondering it stays there, it’s quite the opposite. Bedsheets play the most significant role because just think of it, it directly comes into contact with your skin and the quality of the bedsheets holds the responsibility of your beauty sleep which should be peaceful and hence makes you feel cozier in your bed.




Because basic remains the most versatile component in your home living, the additional layering won’t harm as the basic includes a subtle color palette along with elusive and fine-drown prints that embark an exemplary factor in your bedroom decor.

Blue lagoon 

Blues are one of the favorite colors that add depth to your home interior. with such vibrant shades, the vibes of the bedroom become cozier, warm yet cheerful. This aqua blue screen printed bedsheets with 100 % pure cotton makes the bed of your dreams, light and comforting.


Aqua garden

Hand blocks never go out of style and this right here won’t disappoint you. With beautiful prints and made of 200- thread counts which shows the excellent quality of the fabric which makes it softer, is easy to maintain, and stays longer with you. The excellent color patterns add life to your most favorite spot where comfort means everything to you.


Grey Goose

Grey is indeed the quintessential color of all-season and adds an oomph to the basic and revamps it to the luxury stylish decor. The color is itself a statement that is a playful and righteous choice that does not only soothe your eyes but also is low on maintenance that goes a long way. 


Green Jaal

Bed covers are the most underrated items including in your bedding which is not only an alternative to your bedsheet but also covers your bed and adds an extra layer on top of your bedsheet, so it remains untouched even if you leave your pad for a weekend or for vacations.


This combination of marine colors looks rigorous, lively, and vibrant that enchants your happy spirits.


Maroon Magic

Hands down the most sultry and attractive color to add the definition to your home decor styling.  


This quintessential bed cover adds a royal touch to your bedding with luxurious fabric which is a glazed cotton fabric that looks opulent and grandeur when it’s laid out on the bed.