5 Clothing Options For Men That Will Make Him Stand Out

It is a common belief that men do not have a lot of options when it comes to clothing, and that they pretty much wear the same kind of clothes for every occasion! Well, let us break this myth right now- because it is equally hard for both men and women to decide on the perfect outfit for an occasion! 

Actually, it might just be harder for men to decide on options, because they might not always be aware of the multitude of options they have.

But not anymore- we are here to change this cycle, and have culled out some of the best clothing options for men that will make them stand out on any and every occasion - be it a birthday party or a wedding!

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Half sleeve shirts:

No, not something men wear only at beaches - half sleeve shirts are actually very much in trend and given the peak summer that we will very soon approach, they are the perfect outfit to purchase right now! If you like a little uniqueness in your style, we recommend going for a printed shirt. 

Nehru Jacket:

A timeless style, we have seen men don nehru jackets for the longest time now! But yes, they are still as stylish and charming, which is why for any festive occasion, we still think nehru jackets are the best add-on to your basic set of shirts and trousers.

Moreover, if you want to go a little more traditional, you can pair it with a kurta and pajama and you are actually set for an entire wedding! 


Saying hello to the summers? It is also time to say hello to a new choice - a fuzion of swimwear shorts with classic prints.

While you are packing for vacation time at the beach, we think this time a pair of printed shorts will bring in a fresh wave of change to your regular wardrobe and make you stand out! 


Kurtas are definitely not a new trend, but the style is - this season, you can bring in a little fashionista vibe by opting for a mandarin type kurta instead of your regular one.

Trust us, it is all things fabulous! For a regular get together, you can opt for colors like black, to keep it simple yet handsome, and for an occasion like a wedding, definitely go for something lighter toned. 

Denim jackets:

Without a doubt, our favorite pick for men this season, there is nothing sexier than denim jackets right now! They are apt for everything from an airport look, to a date look, to a family dinner. That is the beauty of denim! That said, be sure to make a selection from a reputed brand; denims last long, and that can only happen if your investment is in the right brand. 

Of the options that we have given, you might feel that some do not go with your personality, but trust us - they will make you stand out like nobody else!

We also recommend that other than the style of your outfit, always consider the material of your outfit as an important factor too. Once you do that, rest assured, you will always rock your look because comfort beats everything eventually!