5+ Unique Diwali Gift Ideas for Festive Season 2020

As November 14 inches closer, the excitement of Diwali celebrations can be seen all around. Yes, we know that this Diwali most of you will be celebrating it with intimate get-togethers with family, but sending out Diwali gifts for family and your loved ones is still one thing that has remained unaffected by the effects of the pandemic.

In fact, in times when you cannot go and meet your relatives and friends or have grand celebrations, a thoughtful gift is the ideal way to express your love for them. Isn’t it? So, don’t waste any more time, because Diwali is almost here. Plan and finalize the Diwali gifts today to make this socially distant Diwali celebration a more personalized one with special presents for the special people in your life.

There are many unique Diwali gift ideas and infinite gift packaging options to choose from and we can help you to select the most suitable and memorable ones as per your taste, preferences, functionality, etc.

Let’s begin.

1.  Sweet Tooth-Friendly Diwali Gift Packs

No festival is complete without that touch of sweetness! You may go for the traditional Indian sweets, handmade chocolates, or any other exotic bakery items and desserts. 

Add a personalized touch by complimenting your gift packs with a handwritten note. Another way of supplementing the elegance of your sweet gift is by wrapping them in handmade boxes. You could use various shaped boxes as shown below.

Looking for something more fun and unique? You may like this red diya shaped box that perfectly captures the Diwali spirit and can be used for handmade chocolates.

If you have pre-packed items, then you can also go for this drawer shaped gift box with high functionality value.

2.  Mix it up with Diwali Gift Baskets & Hampers

Want to add some more goodies to your Diwali gifts? We think it’s a great idea. Below we share a few of the trending and popular gift items that you may want to include in your Diwali Gift baskets and make them truly memorable for your loved ones:

  • Scented candles
  • Decorative diyas
  • A pack or two of savoury items (to balance out the sweetness!)
  • Classic Feng Shui pieces
  • Pack of cards
  • Homegrown green tea & coffee packs, etc.

Once you have finalized your exquisite range of gifts, it’s time to find the perfect basket or a hamper for them. You may go for those picnic jute baskets and add a ribbon over the handle to keep it simple.

But, if you are looking for something more elaborate and extravagant, you may opt for handmade paper baskets or trays for your assorted gift items.

 3.  High on Utility Diwali Gifts

This Diwali, you may want to choose gifts that can be cherished for a long time by your loved ones and are highly functional. Bed & table linen, home accessories, and silver jewellery are all thoughtful and useful Diwali gifts with high utility value. 

As winters are fast approaching, you might think of gifting quilts. Jaipur block print quilts are famous for their prints and rich fabrics and make a classy gift. Alternatively, you could go for classic printed bedcover sets in rich floral prints.

If not bed linen, you can also think about decorative pieces or table linen sets. Go for these festive looking table mats and runners to make your Diwali gift truly memorable. You can wrap them in specialized handmade gift packs boxes for that extra luxurious look.

4.  2020-21 special WFH essentials

This Diwali will be way different from any other and with work-from-home and perpetual hand sanitization becoming the norm, why not incorporate the essence of it in our Diwali gifts. Thoughtful, wouldn’t it be?

Make 2020 Diwali gifting all the more meaningful by adding the Work-from-home essentials like stationery, desk accessories, craft items, or even sanitization or mask supplies to your Diwali Gifts.

Opt for a handmade paper dairy, stationery organizers, trays, etc., to express your care and support to your loved ones.

5.  Gift wine, but in style!

Looking to gift wine to your friends and close ones? Well, wine surely makes for a tasteful and classy gift and you can elevate your sophisticated Diwali gift further by wrapping it in stylish, festive wine paper bags.


6.  Add a planter to make your Diwali gift green!

Well, we would really advise you to go plastic-free as much as possible when preparing your Diwali gifts. 

Another brilliant way to add a touch of green to your gifts is by including a small indoor plant or sapling in your gifts. A long-lasting gift, it will definitely be cherished by your family and friends. 

7.  Multiutility gift bags and wraps for the final touch

Like we mentioned earlier, ditch those plastic packaging and instead, choose eco-friendly handmade paper gift finishes and bags to wrap your Diwali gifts.

At Ratan, we make paper from waste materials, making it sustainable and environment-friendly. Plus, they come in beautiful prints, from playful to festive, there are so many options or you to choose from.

Embrace the festive spirit of Diwali

We hope our gift guide and tips will help you find the perfect gift for your family and friends. To conclude, we would just like to say that don’t let the pandemic dampen your festive spirits. You may be socially distant but through gifts, you can stay well-connected with your loved ones.

To explore Ratan Jaipur’s gifting range and to shop Diwali gifts online, you may visit our website, here.