Gifts – A New Way to Create Unending Memories!

It is time for one of the most celebrated festivals of India – Diwali! Each year, the Festival of Lights is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. Friends, families and loved ones gather together to rejoice and welcome all the good that Diwali has to offer. The festival celebrates the conquest of good over evil, light over darkness and hope over despair. Therefore, diyas, candles, lanterns, lights and crackers fill the cities and villages – from window sills and balconies at homes to the stairs and the holy temples.

The tradition of giving gifts has been around since time immemorial and is still very relevant. During this much celebrated festival season, cards and gifts flood houses and overtake rooms as several gift exchanges take place every year amongst loved ones. As kids, we have seen our houses filled with traditional gifts like dry fruits and sweet boxes. These gifts were meaningful and had a personal touch of the love that it was a token of. But, the practice has undergone various changes through the years…

Breaking off from the same old gifting cultures, today you have many better options to truly make your gifts special! Not just this, these new trends in gifting are so innovative and effective that every gift of yours becomes a cherished item in the memories of your special ones. Let’s take you through this amazing new category of Diwali gifts from Ratan!

With new trends coming in, beautifully handcrafted gift items are a big favorite! They are as special and matchless as your relationship! Handcrafted items add a warmth and personalized feeling to your gifts. Vibrant and colorful stationery stands in jazzy patterns would be a perfect gift idea for your children or even, your office staff!

Everybody loves good storage boxes, especially after the ritualistic Diwali cleaning to keep things sorted and stored safely.

Every year on Diwali, it is a tradition to wear new clothes to usher in fresh energy and positive vibrations. This tradition is not just a matter of show or simply for the sake of shopping. It has its roots in deep philosophy and spirituality! The Goddess Laxmi is one of the main deities on this festival, and she stands for all that is sophisticated, cultured and educated in our society. Buying and wearing new clothes is symbolic of bringing Laxmi – the very personification of prosperity- into our lives! In fact, the very tradition of gifting is a way of taking part in the giving and taking of Laxmi.

So for your special friends, guys or girls, even parents and the elderly, you can gift gorgeous kurtas, pretty palazzos, classy shirts, adorable dresses and many other intricately designed apparels in a spectrum of prints and colors! These are sure to leave them amazed as they take a look at the unique Ratan designs on clothes that are handmade to perfection!

But that’s not all! Don’t leave out the really cute ones! Kids! At Ratan, there is an entire collection of beautifully designed and stylish line dedicated entirely to kids. With amazing colors and beautiful hand block prints, these apparels are crafted from pure cotton for the most comfortable and quality clothing. It keeps your young ones free for flexibility, whilst making sure there is no compromise when it comes to style and class!

All of this and more is handcrafted with precision and designed with aesthetic beauty, for your shopping joy, only at !


Come explore and add new hues to the life of your loved ones! Gift them ever lasting happiness this festive season!