Wear Your Legacy

Who doesn’t like to dress up? It’s an extension of our personality! And sometimes, we would like this extension to look as awesome as we are! On a more serious note, your clothing isn’t just about looking good, they are about feeling good. They are more than some form of decorating our own self – they are a wonderful form of communicating with this world.

 And the ‘world’ has changed so fast in so less time that today, fashion changes in the blink of an eye! But India as a country, and more so as an ‘identity’, stands apart from the rest of the world. For many centuries India has been at the center of textile trade – from the time of the Silk Route itself. Once, it was known as a land of rich fabrics filled with experts in the trade and creation of clothes that used to style the entire world. Once again, we are at the fore front of a similar global presence.

 In the Indian fashion scenario, identities have changed, carrying forth with them the essence of thousands of years of Indian culture. Not only is this true of high-end fashion, it stands just as true for day to day wear. Now, Indian fashion is out there to get the world! Our identity and style has become so popular across the globe that today, Indian fashion is much in vogue.

 But what is it that gives Indian clothing its true identity? What creates this splendid aura of unique Indian aesthetics that we have so fallen in love with? It is the time-learnt and patiently developed processes of creating true art in fashion. What stands hidden behind the inspiring beauty of Indian fashion are time-tested arts like hand block printing and handmade textile. These have not only lasted the test of time, but have great relevance in the current fashion scene. These arts have always been at the foundation of creating truly mesmerizing clothing in India!

 But in today’s fast life and urban living, is there a way to blend the two? We need comfort and style at the same time, but is it also possible to conserve the purity of our Indian identity? Ratan has the answer!

 Ratan Jaipur has crafted a legacy of three decades of artistic craftsmanship, deep rooted in the purity of our cultural creations. A legacy that has also seen some wonderful changes to adapt to the need of today’s young India. Bringing in the expertise of decades spent in artistic creations, Ratan has presented us with a wonderful line of chic Urban-Indian clothing.

 This range, created exclusively in the sphere of semi-formals and western wear, is a culmination of exquisite handiwork on some of the best quality textiles with hand block prints that more than please the senses. The colors have been chosen with great care and they enhance the enriching quality of these items of artistic perfection. A versatile range for men as well as women, Ratan offers an unending choice of smart, stylish, and appealing Indian designs that redefines the very notion of Indian-Urban clothing by modernizing it – they have taken it a step further towards flawless personalization. In these exquisite Ratan creations, looking magnificently unique will come naturally to you!

 A gem of a line, this amazing fashion range by Ratan empowers not just Indians but an entire world of fashion lovers to truly express their uniqueness. Inspired by tasteful couture, the aesthetics will more than satisfy your need for a western appearance. At the same time, these are the perfect fit for all semi-formal and formal gatherings. One look in the mirror with Ratan on is an amazing experience in itself. Here begins your journey with a legacy of immaculate clothing…