In today's post-modern industrial age, pollution is perhaps the greatest threat to all of mankind, right up there with problems like global warming, terrorism and over-population. The more the people in the world, more the resources needed, more the pollution and environmental degradation.


So is there no solution to this seemingly overwhelming problem? 


Yes there is…and it starts with one word: RECYCLE.


 The smallest and yet the most important step in creating a renewable and pollution free world is through the process of recycling. This reduces the amount of waste generated, and at the same time utilizes previous waste to create new and valuable products for the society.


Keeping with this thought, Ratan has always believed in creation that makes for a better future, not just a rich present. The stringent environmental guidelines followed here are a part of Ratan’s legacy of manifesting sublime art in every aspect of day-to-day execution.


Fusing this creative mindset with modern technology, Ratan re-innovated the process of paper making at its manufacturing core to create for a cleaner, greener and better world - through recycling.


The manufacturing process begins with the collection of raw material which is composed of 100% cotton waste. This waste is then put in a rag chopping machine wherein the cotton is chopped into smaller pieces. This chopped cotton which is now easier to handle is then tossed to process it further. This fabric is then converted into a paste by mixing it with water and adding colour. The paste is then repeatedly passed through an iron mesh to make it supple. Each sheet is then individually separated with cotton voile fabric, which are then removed from semi-dried sheets and hanged in the sun to dry.


After going through these detailed initial stages of preparation, the dried fabric paper is partially finished. In the final stages of its completion, this paper is now coloured in various hues and put in storage.


In this manner, Ratan successfully produces environment friendly paper products by converting cotton waste into some of the most beautiful articles that end up decorating people’s lives and homes, as well as providing a respectful living to hundreds of workers and artisans.


 Would you like to be a part of this honorable endeavour? Visit Ratan and witness the creation of artistic creations through these eco-friendly processes, and witness the small steps towards a big future.