Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself...

Starting this Women’s Day, Ratan urges all you fabulous ladies out there to “keep your standards high and your compromises low”; we are here to provide you with just what you need in our prismatic line-up for women’s apparel!

The 21st century woman is one who turns her “CAN’Ts into CANs and her Dreams into Plans!” The intricately designed Kurtis and Dresses with fabulously bold colours would serve as just the right weapon to resonate with your personality - that of a strong, independent woman ready to take over the world with her courage, compassion, strength and grace!

It is time to break those stereotypes by unapologetically being your own true self. Taking this as an inspiration, Ratan’s mixed bag of trendy jackets, pants, palazzos and stoles has especially been curated to become your partner in crime that will let you experiment with different wild looks that’ll surely sweep spectators off of their feet!

Summer makes us all want to be wild and free and treat ourselves to those pool and beach parties! So quench your thirst for exotic swimwear with Ratan’s fresh line-up made using bright colours that’ll surely make you feel like a social butterfly (pun intended)!

You can also treat yourself and fellow women comrades to an array of chic tote bags, accessories and suit sets! Unlike other days, celebrate yourself, your womanhood with Ratan this month for we know that the motto of the 21st century’s bold woman isn’t “dress to impress” but is, “roses are red, violets are blue; I dress up good, but not for you!”

Women have been muses for artists, poets and writers (and the Ratan team :p), worldwide for centuries... But women are also artists par excellence themselves. At Ratan, we find our backbone of creativity to be the humble yet art-loving women artists who give shape to some of our best pieces! Celebrate the muses in your lives this Woman’s Day by gifting something personal and intimately special with Ratan’s handmade, environment-friendly gift bags and gift boxes which epitomise affection, love, care and respect.

We at Ratan, salute the women around the world for the various roles they play for making the world a better place to live in.

Remember, as a woman, you have defined and directed the history of the world since innumerable lifetimes. As a woman, you have given birth to and raised this world from the ashes of barbarianism to civilization. As a woman too, will you drive this world into an empowered future of freedom for yourself!

Celebrating freedom, is celebrating you – the woman!