5 Ways to style prints in your summer outfits

Not only for spring and summer but the fashion for prints has been treated a timeless trend for all seasons all year long. The dark and moody color palette of winter is replaced by vivid colors, patterns, and prints during summer. However, summers and prints have had a long association which has been celebrated over the years.


No matter what all prints are your favorite, summer is the perfect time to embrace your wardrobe with a multitude of different prints. They not only give your outfit a touch of personality, but they also have the capability to complement your body type. Prints must be used liberally or sparingly depending on one’s body type. Bigger prints complement petite frames and smaller, finer prints accentuate the fuller body types. 


You may be wondering that colorful prints are hard to style, but it’s actually quite easy to style them. There are a lot of ways to work with print styles in your wardrobe. If you follow these style tips we’re sure you’ll find new ways to experiment with prints.


Look #1: Try Printed pants and balance them with neutral colors.


Printed pants are still in fashion and they are fun to wear. If you love florals and have a nature-oriented personality, you should opt for beautiful flowers on your printed pants, while if you have a classic taste you should opt for polka dots or geometric designs like stripes and if you have an edgier style you should definitely go for animal prints.


A great way to wear printed pants is to balance it with a neutral single color top. Printed pants can easily be dressed up. Just wear a matching solid color t-shirt for a casual look or a fancier top or blazer for a classier look. Pair it with nude sandals to complete the look.


Look #2: Printed Kurtas; Heart and Soul of Indian wear

Even though it is the heart and soul of Indian wear, the classic kurta is not so basic anymore. A comfortable, versatile, and chic piece of garment for women, it can be your outfit during any time of the year. From a variety of fabrics, prints, and contemporary designs. From casual office wear to an evening with friends you can do it all.


You can try to experiment with your kurta and can wear it with draped pants, this is the new age trend of matching up with short kurtas. If you’re choosing a long flared printed kurta you can pair it up with a gilet in contrast. In this manner, you can flaunt it as a dress or club it with bottoms if you want. You can also try to wear Kurta as a dress and make a style statement with a traditional look.


Look #3: Printed Dress never goes out of style!


Cheer up your wardrobe with a great printed dress, whether it’s a playful cocktail dress, or a printed maxi dress, either of them is great for summer.


A long printed maxi dress paired with high heels and minimal jewelry will make you look stylish and elegant in the sultry summers. If you are into casual, playful looks then simply throw on a short printed dress or a long shirt dress with a pair of sneakers or casual slip-on, and you are ready to go.


Depending on the season and occasion you should opt for bold and bright colors, or in watercolor pastels. When you’re out in the hot summer always add subdued pastel colors or pastel prints, so that you can live up to that tropical vibe.


Look #4: Printed shirts are the future of fashion, get used to it!


Printed shirts or tops are perfect for versatility. More versatile than you may think. Pair it with a poolside short, your favorite jeans, or tucked into a striped suit. The bold printed shirts can be your next best friend. Printed shirts can be used where you can take fashion liberties and you’ll always make a style statement.


You should always take care of some simple tips to make that printed shirt look amazing. You can wear it with a drawstring or pleated trousers- tuck it in or leave it out for a more casual look. You can also combine it with a plain black or blue suit as a statement piece.


These style statement pieces can be paired with sneakers, sandals, or flip flops, everything will look intriguing. Just make sure to pick the footwear in a color that compliments your shirt’s color.

Look #5: Accessorize a little



This is a great and easy way to incorporate prints into your wardrobe. To cheer up an outfit always add at least one accessory to your outfit which can make it go from good to best.


Wrap a light, printed or patterned scarf around the neck with a solid colored outfit, or add a printed belt to a neutral or plain dress. Tie up a printed scarf to look like a hairband and look like you’re ready to deal with the heat. 


The great things about these accessories are that they are versatile and can be used in multiple ways going from one season to another.


How to make prints work for you


The most important thing to look at when you’re adding something to your wardrobe is to make sure that it will blend in with what you already have. When looking for prints make sure that they either contrast with neutral colors you already have or try to look for prints that suit your personality.

You’re now ready to wear prints in your summer outfits with style and confidence!