It's an amazing feeling you get when you help your partner, friend, or any mere acquaintance. However, it feels more humane when you help someone who lacks it, either by raising a fundraiser or contributing to their business – just the feel of putting a smile on someone's face seems like a blessing in disguise.


Hence, the emphasis here is on 'why' and 'how' every person should raise their voice to uphold homegrown brands.


In 2020, the world grieved severely from the COVID-19 pandemic. The businesses went bankrupt, the restaurants were closed, salons were not working, and schools & universities couldn't operate. In simple words, the world was bleeding money and resources.


Since the industry ran out of money, several layoffs happened, and many fortunes shivered. Some weeks post COVID-19 aftermath, homegrown businesses or local businesses faced a tremendous shock, at a stroke.


Prime Minister's solicitation for "Local for Vocal" has inspired a myriad of people to embrace homegrown brands and promote them on a competitive market level. His Mann Ki Baat majorly focused on "Atmanirbharta"- self-reliance.


Isn't it our duty to help the local business foster in the competitive environment as a truthful citizen? Well, unquestionably, it is, considering we have every assertive reason to encourage these businesses.

Turn someone's dream into reality

Apparently, as a customer, you have the potential of helping someone achieve their dreams and aspirations. You see these everyday people on the streets or scrolling through your Instagram feed. They work so hard and put every thought of art with all that they've got.


It doesn't matter if a young mother commenced a home-bakery, a couple opened a pristine cafe, an online thrift brand a blogger created, a digital service page a friend made; they all deserve appreciation.


When an individual brainstorms a concept and uses it to establish his/her business, he/she wishes to draw in the local customers. Unfortunately, people are influenced by prominent labels, and we refuse to recognize homegrown businesses' efforts. It's 2021, and the world is still facing difficulties from the flare-up of coronavirus.


Entrusting your income or surfing the internet-time to a local business, especially now, is equivalent to adding value to a long-term objective without putting in any difficulty. Even without money, one could easily repost the craft that these homegrown brands created on their social media pages.


It is simple; your small contribution is assisting the business to flourish for them to maintain their families. So, rather than increasing the wealth of an already affluent businessperson, promoting a local brand to prosper seems like a more reliable idea.

Homegrown businesses help the economy to grow

Homegrown brands


India is considered the homeland of burgeoning local businesses. With the downturn of IT, India is turning its attention to its homegrown business/startup environment.


Several homegrown brands encourage employment opportunities like Ratan Jaipur, Anokhi, Vasansi, Zariin Jewelry, Keva, Adeeba, Bunaai, and the list. According to statistics, since 2014, homegrown brands have provided employment opportunities to more than 10,000 people.


Social media influencers such as Masoom Minawala, Komal Pandey, Kritika Khurana, Ankush Bahuguna, Pooja Mundhra, Ashna Shroff and others raise their voice to support local brands since they assure employment opportunities and personal development.


House of Miso, Skincraft, Biotique, Urbanic, StreetStyleStore are examples of homegrown brands that have contributed to generating employment.


During this dire situation, lesser layoffs are what India needs, and local brands are putting efforts into employee recruitment & retention.

Discover completely remarkable stuff

How extraordinary is it to encounter something wonderful and attainable via an international brand? Sadly, the odds are more diminutive. As per the reports by media publications, homegrown businesses frequently bring surprises to the table.


From quirky products to personalized goods, homegrown companies offer their services to create something exciting for you and your loved ones.


Your friend's birthday is next week, and the outside business won't be able to deliver the gift according to your expectations, particularly during this ongoing pandemic when deliveries are getting delayed.


However, you know that your friend would feel special if you gave her a customized present. For instance, a homegrown label Ratan, Jaipur celebrates local players and incorporates hand-carved or creative elements to create affordable luxury products such as clothes, bags, stationery kits, craft kits, gift packages, and beautiful linens for today's people.

Final words

A person is fully exposed to the beauty of homegrown activity when he or she finds a lovely spot, expands his or her network, and discovers something new to do. India has a plethora of solutions to offer. But, first, uphold the homegrown businesses such as Ratan Jaipur to sustain in the market, as it is more crucial than ever.