Here’s How Cloth Masks Can Effectively Slow The Coronavirus Spread

Are masks effective against coronavirus disease? 

Using cloth masks and practising all the other social distancing norms when going out can be instrumental in slowing down the COVID-19 spread.

As the world fights hard to flatten the coronavirus curve and curb the pandemic, the World Health Organization and the health agencies around the world are issuing important guidelines to keep the world population safe from this virus.

One of such important guidelines is the use of face masks whenever moving out from your homes. But do face masks really reduce coronavirus spread?

Yes, they do. Face masks combined along with other safety measures like frequent hand sanitization and social distancing, help in keeping the infection at bay.

In fact, CDC and Indian health ministry, in their updated guidelines, encouraged people to use fabric masks for coronavirus prevention.

Coronavirus Face Masks: Types, When to Use 

Let’s first talk about the different types of masks and understand their recommended uses and necessities.

1. N-95 Respirator Masks:

If you are thinking about what an N-95 respirator mask is and you should be using only N-95 masks, here’s what you need to understand.

The N95 mask effectively prevents viral spread as when properly fitted and sealed, it filters out 95% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. However, due to the acute shortage of supply of N-95 masks for the health professionals, the government is discouraging the use of masks by the general public.

In short, N95 masks are recommended only for health professionals who are exposed to the highest levels of SARs-COV-2. For the general public, as a prevention measure, the authorities are highly recommending cloth fabric face masks to protect from coronavirus.

2. Surgical Masks:

Like N-95 respirator masks, surgical masks are also medical grade masks that are in short supply and must be preserved to be used by the healthcare professionals.

Made in different thicknesses, they protect the healthcare workers from contact with splashes and are worn by teammates providing first-hand care to the patients.

3. Cloth Face Masks:

Facemasks made up of cotton or jersey materials are highly recommended for the general public and all those non-healthcare workers providing essentials and other products/services. Cloth masks can be single-layered, double-layered, cotton or stretchable, depending upon the need.

When and how to use masks

According to the CDC, the general public should be wearing cloth face masks whenever going out in public settings like grocery stores, pharmacy, parks, etc. All the service and product providers must also ensure wearing these cloth masks to prevent coronavirus spread in the country.

The cloth face masks must be double or multi-layered for optimal protection and should be worn judiciously to avoid discomfort or difficulties in breathing:

  1. Make sure that the mask fits firmly but comfortably against the face sides and covers your mouth and the lower area of your nose snugly.
  2. The mask should be tightly but comfortably secured with ties or ear loops.
  3. You should be able to breathe in it easily without any restriction.
  4. It should be thoroughly washed after every use.

How face masks are becoming fashionable?

The essence of humankind lies in their nature to adapt. Adapting to the current situations and making the most of it is what makes us human and why not. Being optimistic and persistent is what gets you through difficult times like these.

It’s in these times, you must find happiness in the little things, in the little details. So, if face masks are becoming the trending accessory for people today, you should be all for it! If you have to make it a part of our social appearance, why not do it with a little style, right?

Of course, the masks must first cater to their primary safety objectives, but apart from that, there’s so much that can be done with the face masks.

Handblock cotton print masks are trending in India as they are not only comfortable and soothing but also stylish and pair well with all kinds of attires.

Where to buy coronavirus masks  

Stay stylish while practising the social distancing and safety norms by investing in good-looking face masks. However, while buying the cloth face masks, do ensure a few things.

  1. The fabric must be breathable. Biodegradable, fine cotton and stretchable t-shirt material masks are the most ideal.
  2. A double-layered and preferably pleated mask ensures better coverage and protection.
  3. They must be properly disinfected and sealed for safe usage.
  4. They must be reusable, and hand and machine washable for easy care.
  5. If you are looking for a designer, comfortable and stylish cotton face mask for coronavirus in India and maybe for any other protective gear essentials, you can check out our PPE collection, here.

Important things to bear in mind while using face masks

We have also enlisted for you some crucial guidelines that you should keep in mind while using face masks

1. People with breathing issues and young children below the age of 2 should not be using masks, and thus, should avoid going to public environments.

2. The masks should be routinely washed with detergent as per the frequency of the use.  

3. You should not use disinfectant on the mask as detergent or soap is sufficient for cleaning.

4. Even while wearing a mask, you should be careful and should not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. After removing the mask, you should immediately wash your hands.

5. Using a face mask works when combined with all the other safety and social distancing norms as directed by the health ministries. So, always practice safe distance from others in the public area.

Always remember that your safety is in your hands. With lockdown being relaxed in many parts of the country and city, you will, too, begin moving out and getting back into your pre-coronavirus routine. But, remember, this is the time that you need to be vigilant and all prepared to fight this invisible virus. Use masks and follow all safety guidelines and be prepared to function in the new normal world order. Be safe, folks.