Fashion has always been a creative outlet but after a certain period spent under one roof, it surely has changed the dynamics and approach towards the fashionable self, screaming loud to leave those skinny jeans and switching into those sweatpants.


With the evolution of time and centuries, fashion industries have embarked on a benchmark in a lifestyle that demands constant change.


This pandemic has torn down the millions of company tie-ups in the market and the industry is in a thirst to get back on their track of business and to cope up with an incomparable financial crisis.


And with the ongoing pandemic, the country has been troubled with for the past over a year, there have been a few things that you could pin specifically on the crisis. One is international travel, which has driven segments like luxury and travel retail and has stalled.


With the acceleration of athleisure and casualization, the fashion industry has eloped the soup-and-fish, gowns, and everything formal. Over a year of the impact of coronavirus on the fashion industry, the luxury of wearing something out of comfort is no more alive rather than counting on the comfortable styling to splurge on.






The new forefront of the fashion industry with the imperative use, face masks carries vital importance in the fashion industry both in terms of trends and necessities.


The new normal term perhaps was made to realize how the face masks would change the perspective of fashion accessories as a mandatory piece in your wardrobe.


And now that the masks became mandatory, it does cover a fair amount of faces which is why it's not surprising for the crowd to make it aesthetically pleasing.


For doing so the industry has played smart in investing in manufacturing masks and varying them with several types. From chain mask to lacy one to color block and handmade, you name it you’ll have it.


Athleisure and casual-wear sales have seen a huge acceleration over this pandemic. Because for those who haven’t stepped out of their homes for several months, nothing is as comfortable to wear in your routine as joggers.


Thanks to its stylish fitting patterns that overshadow its loungewear theme, it is a trendy number worn with innumerable options like a crop top, graphic t-shirts, ganjis, sweatshirts, tunics, and whatnot.



Dresses have become much more casual. But that is not an invention of COVID-19. It’s a trend we’ve seen for a long while: moving away from more formal wear, having casual Fridays not only on Fridays but also from Monday to Thursday. 


Of course, working from home without the restrictions that you typically have in an office has an impact on how you dress, especially when you choose to wear dresses. Since the lockdown has hit hard so has our dressing style from chic to comfort and casual dresses.


The best buy is to go for chic and comfortable styling for your zoom calls and meeting to your home branches with comfortable printed dresses.



Florals are loved, cherished, and adored in every season. The vulnerability of this print is worth every penny you spent. The effortlessly chic stylish top with the hint of pink floral leaf bunches print matches your mood of calmness and serendipity.


Enjoy your chill vibes at home in this breezy top. Tailored with the like-minds of comfort and authenticity this fit is a must-buy.



The beauty of all whites and a dash of the sparkle of color in your footwear works as a perfect color block match. This dainty and dreamy kaftan is an all-rounder ensemble, can be your loungewear or can work for a casual house party or your Sunday brunch.


The little detailing of chikankari on the front and sleeves makes it an ethereal piece to give you the bohemian vibes you’ve been craving for.