Transform your spaces with these 7 Simple Home Decor Ideas

Your home is your safe haven, where you can just unwind yourself and be at your most natural self. A feel-good space of your home just adds to this feeling of comfort and helps in charging you with positivity.

Experimenting with colours and patterns, making a few changes here and there, adding to the elements, etc., are all different home décor tips and tricks to continuously transform your space and grow them into a perfect reflection of your personality.

However, you don’t need to break the bank to jazz up your living spaces. To help you with some tips, we have listed below seven home decorating ideas on a budget:

1. A feature wall can be a great start:

A striking, bold-coloured wall amongst other walls painted in neutral hues can beautifully invigorate your living space and add to the drama of it all. You can go for textured paint, wallpapers, or DIY wall art as they are all amongst the cost-effective options and can really revamp your living room look.

2. A gallery wall can be another alternative:

If you looking to upgrade your wall without any involvement of paints, then a gallery wall seems like a great idea. Hanging photo frames of the family, calligraphy-quotes’ frames, and cute little danglers are all simple home décor ideas for your walls. Adding a string of fairy lights over the wall can serve as a cherry on the cake and make your wall look magical.

3. Play with prints and patterns

Life is too short to restrict yourself to one kind of print you know. So, have fun with the prints, mix and match! Be it the contrasting cushion cover prints or fusing in vintage and contemporary décor pieces, experiment and trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 

4. Give your home a linen makeover

You can go for the big, permanent transformations like changing the tapestry of curtains or sofas to complement the upgraded style of your spaces, or you can just switch to changing the patterns, colours, and prints of your table linens, bed linens, etc. It’s one of the simplest interior home decor ideas that can help you enliven your spaces without burning a hole in your pockets.

5. Sometimes those cute-little somethings can be everything

Do not underestimate the power of those cute-little details that make your spaces playful and quirky. Offbeat décor pieces, an oversized throw pillow, a small pot hanging in a nook, or just eccentric coasters placed on the table; all these small things are ways to personalize your spaces with the things you love.

Another fun way to energize your homes is to bring out those DIY art pieces that you have created in years and are just put away somewhere in a box. It doesn’t matter if they are not perfect, the story behind how you lovingly crafted them is enough for it to deserve a place in your living room. What’s more? These can serve as the perfect ice-breakers and conversation-starters that you didn’t know you needed!

6. Add mirrors to make your space appear bigger

It’s an illusion after all, but it works, every time. Placing mirrors can make small space look bigger plus they can serve as perfect minimal accessories for people who are all for ‘less-is-more.’ Find the perfect cut, shape, and pattern that you want and just see how it adds to the overall aesthetics of your space.

7. Green is the new black!

Oh, having some beautiful air-purifying green pots in your living spaces can do wonders for the vibe of your space. Interestingly, they can bring down your stress and anxiety levels, too.

Go out there and find yourself an eclectic mix of small and medium houseplants, and maybe one big one to be placed on the entryway.

Get started with your home makeover journey!

Your home needs some pampering, too! Show how much you love your piece of paradise and set on the mission to transform your home spaces with these simple home decor ideas. You can also visit our website, here, to look for refreshing print and patterns of linens, cushion covers, danglers, home decor gift ideas and other home furnishings and décor items to amp up your home interiors.