A Resolution for Earth Day

We all see, hear and talk about the importance of conservation, the ever increasing threat of pollution and the scarcity of resources but how many of us actually take steps to move towards a greener and healthier future? This earth day, the opportunity is knocking at your door again! So get up and open it, let’s all come together to make our mother earth beautiful again.

Nature is the best and the most versatile provider, it has provided us with everything to satisfy both our need and greed, so why don’t we look into the treasures of nature for our day to day needs. Manmade polymers like plastic and nylon make for toxic non biodegradable waste which lasts up to years, whether it’s stuck in the grounds of some forest effecting the flora there or in the depths of some ocean killing the majestic aquatic life and the worst of all, stuck in the gut of some poor animal killing it from the inside. If we put our heart to it, these things can be easily replaced. Try going all-natural and organic in terms of clothes, storage, stationery and furnishing. These produce less waste, are long lasting, reusable and recyclable plus they are always better for your health. We at Ratan Jaipur are proud of the fact that we boast a line of 100% recyclable and reusable clothes, stationary and furnishing. Made of fabrics like cotton and handloom dyed with organic colours, our apparel is not only environment friendly but skin friendly too. Apart from this we have a line of stationary and storage supplies made with paper and fabric, all of our paper is made of cotton waste and thus no trees die in providing you with these beautiful and durable products. Try to produce as little waste as you can, avoid unnecessary plastic packaging and storage. Say no to polythenes and carry your own bag to stores. Small steps can make huge differences.

If we can all reduce our carbon footprints, this world might be a better place to live for our children; if we all can do just little things the planet will thank us. Reducing your consumption of energy is another great way to contribute to this global quest against pollution. Take some time off technology and spend it with your family and friends. You can take vacations, go on picnics and encourage your kids to be outdoors. We all face the problems caused by pollution so why not help to cure it, let’s all make a resolution to produce less waste and use less energy this Earth day. Calculate your plastic waste and resolve to reduce it to half by the end of this year. It’s in our hands now to help rejuvenate our mother earth. Visit the Ratan Jaipur store or website to find environment friendly options in our apparel, storage and furnishing range. Recycle the plastic and paper already lying around your house. Take some time off from laptop and phone and sit in a park or garden instead. These little measures will not only help rebuild the beautiful planet we once had but also make you feel healthier and happier. Nature is the best healer as well, so reconnect with it and explore the treasures it has to offer.