When you lay eyes on a beautiful piece of art, the feeling is priceless.

For more than 2000 years, the Indian textile art has been one of the most innovative fields, famous all over the globe. A shining gem of this crown of traditions is the rare art of hand block printing designs.

As a skill it has been passed down from generations to generations for more than two millennia. Today, only a handful of skilled artisans still follow this exquisite creative process in textiles. One of them, is Ratan Jaipur.

A testament to its beauty is the long drawn, painstakingly precise printing process which imbues beautiful fabrics in the designs you fall in love with. Done individually by hand, every wooden block is carefully covered in ink and placed at the exact locations on the textile. This process is done repeatedly to give us a magnificent piece of craft at the end.

From the creation of a block to the fabric it helps create, an expert artisan lies behind even the smallest creations. Initially, every hand block print is carved from selective types Teak wood. Depending on the complexity of a design, a single block print can take up to 7 to 10 days to complete. Every print is based on an initial sketch of the design which is created by an artist. However, every hand block print is specifically used with only one colour, based on the initial multicolored sketch of the design.

These colourfully beautiful and inspiring block prints then leave their essence on the crafted pieces that you fall in love with! From fashion to bedding to creative gifts, every curve and color go a long way in making an impression of impeccable finesse. The designs of the blocks come from various traditional Indian motifs, but at Ratan Jaipur, you will also find a modern blend of chic and fun designs.

Every block is born of a creative vision, imprints beautiful designs throughout its life, and then passes away. A life of inspiration! Used on a regular basis, on average a hand block prints up to 500 meters

It is the skill of the artist that brings life to the impressionable stories that hide in every design. An expert artisan can print up to 100 meters a day of a single block design, and up to 70 meters a day when it comes to designs that require 4 hand blocks. The multitude of colors and the intricacy of the design make the end product a treat for the eyes. Products in hand block are highly popular in home décor such as beddings, bed sets, pillows and cushions. People have fallen in love over and over again with the rare, exquisite and unique designs that take form on fabric and make it come alive, almost magically!

Come and witness the lifetimes of these hand blocks and experience the mystique of the artisans who make it come to life at Ratan Jaipur. You can visit our website www.ratanjaipur.com and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to experience new creations everyday!