Time-Travelled Art, More About Ratan Jaipur’s Hand Block Prints

Loom Tales

Ratan Jaipur epitomizes the idea of bringing hand-crafted block print aesthetics into your space. Fabricating designs that are a harmonious blend of contemporary & functional, we deliver the perfect balance of style with a dedicated value for comfort, uncompromised quality & moolah.

What comes your way & makes space in your interior spaces & hearts has its very own tale to tell. Home furnishing, apparels & myriad of other repertoires, each is fostered with emotion & undying endeavours of our team in action.

Handwork Seduction, Always!


In times that we live today, where commercialization has paved its way for production, we at Ratan
 Jaipur ensures crafting each product with love, right before our very eyes. Add to that, a pinch of magic!

We take sheer delight with our in-house fabrication facilities for carving, dyeing, printing & finishing of products. In-house manufacturing allows us to be experimental & versatile.

Today, there lay numerous sources around us to get our hands on seemingly indistinguishable products, identical to those at Ratan Jaipur. Majority of these sources seem like the same to the naked eye & suit our pockets reasonably well. But, some of us only find true pleasure & artistic expression in the time-honoured premium art of hand block printing, perhaps that is unmatched by any other media today.

Since its inception, the art has been an integral part of the textile, home furnishing & design industry. Our artisans inherit it wholeheartedly & render it a new dimension with their expert finesse.


Organic Forever

Ratan Jaipur lays profuse emphasis on its fabrication process, keeping it all Au Naturel. One of the finest merits of hand block printing is its eco-friendly approach. Most of the materials that are used in printing work are ecological. Artificial tools are not used for this.

Hand block printing does inflict any harmful effects on the commodity, its user or Mother Nature. Natural dye colours & manufacturing process that is natural, these lead to ultimate gratification for our customers & us.


Artisan Magic

Commencing from artisans who sculpt wooden blocks by hands, to our design pundits who hand paint the patterns on paper, each element that reaches your space is cultivated organically & ethically.

We seed our trust in our artisans to orient the choicest of motifs. These could be simple motifs inspired from elements nearby or more ornate interpretations. A wide variety in designs, ranging from surging waves & decorative paisley to arabesque scrolls that make it to the moodboard. ‘Buti’, ‘Buta’, ‘Jhal’ & ‘Bel’ are elementary components of block print here.

Hand block printing is centuries old Indian Art that makes use of a hand carved wooded block. Carved wooden blocks are dipped in rich natural dyes. These are then skilfully imprinted by hand onto the choice of fabric or base material.



The company’s true success lies in its ability to provide to its customers what they desire. Creating incredible aesthetics since the last 30 years, we welcome you to the legacy of Ratan Jaipur.