Six Unique Mother’s Day Gifts to Put a Smile On Your Mom’s Face!

Maa. Mom. Mummy. Mum. Mother.

By whatever name you address your mother, you would agree that it’s not just an expression but a feeling!

The one who carried you for 9 long months and brought you to life, a mother’s love for her children is just so pure and simple.

For your mother, you are the center of her world. She prays for your happy, healthy life, she takes care of your every little need and comfort, and most importantly, she does everything in her capacity to make your every day special.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how her day has gone by or how tired she has been feeling, she will always greet you with an endearing smile?

While no child can ever compensate for the unconditional love that their mother has showered upon them, one can always find ways to make her happy with surprise gifts every, now and then.

And, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, why not gift her something, wrapped in your emotions, to express how special your mother is to you?

Take out some time to seek what your mother likes to indulge in when she goes shopping, what’s her taste, her interests, etc., and find something meaningful, something exclusive to gift her this Mother’s day, i.e. on May 10, 2020.

Confused? Well, let us help you with some unique Mother’s Day gifts ideas to make the celebration memorable.

1) Experiment with an ensemble that complements her style



To buy her an outfit, you not only need to know her measurements but her taste very well. So, sneak into her wardrobe to understand what she likes, the colors she wears, the prints she prefers, etc.

Now, either you can buy something that completely matches her current style, or if you want your mother to experiment, gift her something that’s missing in her wardrobe, of course keeping in mind that it still complements her style and personality.

You can go for a Kurta and Palazzo or straight pants set with dupatta, tunics, summer comfy dresses, or the oh-so-trending culottes and top set.

2) A blend of fun yet durable handbag is every mother’s dream.

It’s true! A handbag is that perfect outdoor companion that keeps all her belongings safe and also helps her make a style statement making it one of the best Mother’s Day gifts. 

These days, people are switching from leather to cloth handbags as they are more eco-friendly and sustainable with a wide variety of prints. You can go for floral or abstract, elegant or quirky handbags depending on the personal taste of your mommy dearest.

3) Find her something that adds to the beauty of her territory, her home!

Doesn’t home, feel like home because of your mother? She invests so much of her time and efforts, amplifying the good vibes and decorating it with multiple furnishings, and art pieces, etc.

Therefore, home decor items like home furnishings or table linen can be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom.

High quality and low maintenance requiring exquisite bed cover, a quilt/comforter or a set desk accessories, can be your Mother’s Day special gifts that she’ll cherish for a long, long time.

4) Gift her something that can hug her when you are not around.

Yes, we won’t mind you using this line on the gift card when you give your mom a stole or a scarf!

A stole or a scarf can be a really thoughtful gift as your mom can use it in multiple ways on various occasions and easily pair them up with their workwear. In fact, when you gift her one, show all those ways of wrapping them around her that you see on quick DIYs!

5) Want to treat yourself along with your mom with coordinated sets? Yes, please!

Another beautiful way of making your Mother’s Day extra special is to gift a coordinated set of clothes, one for you and one for your mom.

Wear them together, cut a cake, and click selfies together. Mother’s Day done right!

You can go for coordinated Kurta and dress set or kaftan beachwear set, or if you are into extra comfortable luxe wear, you can also go for coordinated nightwear!

6) Surprise her with cute-little things!

Now, if you are looking for quick, super affordable last-minute online Mother’s Day Gifts, then this one’s for you!

If your mom loves buying jewellery, gifting a jewellery pouch is a good idea! Other than that, you can also indulge in fancy stationery items and other essentials like pen holders, file folders, photo frames, etc.

Notebooks or journals can be another gift option that can help her note down her everyday necessities, her personal thoughts, or her work things.


While we truly believe that you should be celebrating your mom, every day of your life, on the day that is committed to celebrating her spirit, make it a remarkable one for her. We hope that all the Mother’s Day gift ideas that we gave will help you decide the perfect gift for the upcoming Mother’s Day, i.e. on March 10, 2020.

Don’t forget to share with us your special plans and gifts that you have bought to make their day a special one!