6 Adorable Rakhi Gift Packing Ideas To Try This Year

Strengthened over the years, the bond of siblings can be best characterised by their childhood memories of fighting over trivial things, making up with sweet gestures, sharing secrets with one another, and staying by each other’s side in good and bad.

Rakhsha Bandhan, a traditional festival in India, celebrates this unconditional and selfless bond of siblings through tying Rakhis to brothers and exchanging gifts and sweets.

Now when it comes to gifting, you will always want to make your gift extra special and unique for your brother or sister. You spend hours, even days, deciding on that perfect Rakhi present for your sibling(s).

You know how you can make that perfect gift all the more precious? Packaging! Yes, a little extra thought into gift packing can truly add to the sentiment attached to your gift.

Well, there are many readymade Rakhi gift packs also available in the market, but the beauty of customizing and packing Rakhi gifts on your own is invaluable.

Therefore, we enlist below some stunning rakhi gift packing ideas that you can use to accentuate your surprise gift for your beloved sibling(s):

1.  Wrap them up in beautiful print finishes

If you are looking for something beautiful but minimal, wrapping sheets should do the trick. Avoid using plastic film kind of sheets and switch to the handmade paper sheets as they not only give a better finish, but they are also eco-friendly and sustainable.

You can go for classic polka dots, abstract prints, floral motifs, and even funky designs, depending upon your gift and your preference.


If you want to do something extra, you can also wrap these sheets in many creative ways that you can easily on the Internet with complete step-by-step wrapping guides.

2.  Find the perfect box for your Rakhi Gift

If you are looking to ditch gift wraps this year, you must try and find a box that can envelop your gift perfectly.

For example, Ratan Jaipur has a range of nested, shaped, and sandook styled printed boxes that are ideal for gifts and are available in varied sizes.


3.  Pack those confectionery and eatables in a basket or tray

Chocolates, sweets, desserts, cookies, etc., are one of the most popular and safest gift options for Rakhis. However, you can make them look all the more tempting by presenting them uniquely. Baskets and trays are perfect options to use when decorating assorted little things and food items.

Owning to the monsoon festive vibe, floral printed trays and baskets are the most suited for Rakhi gifts and make an excellent add-on to your gift that can be further reused by your siblings for varied purposes.


You can check out these baskets and trays by Ratan Jaipur, too.

4.      DIY Craft Kits

Want to make your Rakhi gift all the more special with completely handcrafted packaging? Well, we have quite an idea for you. As mentioned earlier, you may go extra creative with wrapping your gifts with printed handmade sheets. Now, if you really want to do something out of the box, you may also accentuate it with some DIY craft ideas.

To give you an example, this Ratan Jaipur’s special DIY Notecard Block Printing box comes with a wooden block engraved with a traditional design that you can print on a notecard and attach to your gift wrap.


Another brilliant idea can be using our DIY Bunting Kit available in many pre-cut shapes and hanging these shapes on the side of your gift. You can also decorate your wall with the remaining bunting for Rakhi celebrations. #YourWelcome


Check out different DIY craft Kits available on our website here.

5.  Carry your gifts in style

If you are not into gift packaging rakhi presents, let us share a perfect gift wrap hack with you. Just take a pretty-looking handmade paper bag and place your gift in it. Staple a small handwritten note on its handles, and voila, your gift is ready! Easy-peasy and simple, right?

This truly is a lazy sibling’s festival gift packaging rakhi hack that can ultimately win you some brownie points from your brother or sister. Trust us!

All you got to do is find that nice-looking bag which you can also explore on our website. We have a wide range of sustainable handmade paper bag sets available in multiple sizes. So, go on and find the perfect-sized bag and fill it with goodies that you have so lovingly collected.


6.  Opt for a theme-based rakhi gift packaging

A great idea for stunning-looking gift packaging is to pack them around a theme. Not only will your gifts look coordinated, but they will also make for a great Insta-shot too. We promise!

In fact, Ratan Jaipur houses breathtakingly beautiful themed-collections of gift wraps, baskets, trays, and boxes that can truly elevate the delight element of your gifts.


Wrapping it up!

Well, the whole idea of handmade packaging is to rekindle the joy of art-making and making your sibling feel loved. Use our gift packing ideas for Rakhi and pack that punch of extra love with your gift. BTW, apart from our range of gift packaging, you can also explore our quirky range of Rakhis available on our website, here.