No matter what the occasion is, festivals, parties, or just a casual get-together- women are always busy figuring out what to wear, considering there are a plethora of options they can choose from! On the flip side, men have it all laid out for them- a traditional kurta set for a festival and a suit for parties. That’s the end of options in most cases, and that is because they are not aware of the variety that is available for them.


The festival season is just around the corner, so we decided to change this ongoing pattern a bit. For this Rakshabandhan, we have shortlisted some of the most trending Rakhi outfits for men that are a tad more than just the basic kurta pyjama set. Trust us, you will love them even if you do not like experimenting much.

Kurta Pajama & a Dapper Jacket

As we mentioned, kurta pyjamas are basic, but that does not mean they are out of style. They are classic and elegant, but to make them at par with today’s fashion, you can tone it up with a smart Nehru jacket. The added layer would make your look complete and more stylish, and up to the mark for Rakhi this year!


While choosing a jacket, remember to keep color contrasts in mind. If your kurta pyjama is of a dark shade, go for a light-hued jacket to enhance the overall look, and vice versa. As a Rakhi outfit, you can also pick a jacket with work on it.


A hint of traditional in western: Chinese collared shirt

While we know a shirt is an unconventional choice of clothing for a festival but going with 2021’s trend- it’s the perfect choice! Our celebrations have turned virtual, comfort has taken over fashion and western is the new traditional, so why not?


However, we recommend getting a Chinese collared shirt to retain the hint of a kurta while adding the contemporary concept of clothing. A bright-colored shirt with a loose fit would be ideal for Rakhi. You can pair this with multiple items- jeans to have a more western look, or a pyjama to fancy the Indian touch. Either way, this shirt would be a comfortable choice!


Indo-western Kurta

Indo-western is the one trend that has been the favorite for both men and women. The blend of traditional and western is winning hearts and we thought, why not don it on Rakhi this year too? Especially because men’s choices are very defined- they like light and comfortable outfits, but the festivities demand something traditional so they must go for that too. This is why Indo-western kurtas would be the perfect fit here.


Depending on your body type, you can decide whether you want a full sleeve/ half sleeve Indo-western kurta, but go for a soothing color and basic print, so that it does not look too flashy for the eyes!


To sum it up, yes, we agree that there are not as many outfit options for men as there are for women, but the key is to stay open to experimenting. Be open to trying new outfits and styles, as long as you are confident about what you are wearing, don’t worry about whether you will carry it well or not- because you definitely will!


Moreover, for men, it is always advised to go for bright but soothing colored outfits. Play around with colors for contrasting effects, keep it minimal with just a watch and avoid layering up garments on your body, and you are all set to rock Rakshabandhan 2021!