Hand block printing is the art of creating prints on fabric through carved wooden blocks that are covered or dipped in dye and are repeatedly pressed along the length of cloth to create beautiful patterns. 


This form of textile design has been a place of pride for India as it represents the country's vast heritage and rich culture.


From traditionally being used for Indian ethnic clothing, it has now found its way to designers and commoners all over the world. 


Here's why hand block printing is loved by fashionistas across the globe:

1. Versatility at its best

Hand block printed fabric is available in a wide range of designs and prints that complement one's style, whether it's for a day at the office, a wedding or a casual day out with friends. 


There is an array of block prints that this style of printing has to offer. From the Sanganeri and Dabu prints of Rajasthan to the Ajrakh prints of Gujrat, there is a diverse range to suit everyone's style sensibility. 

2. Comfortable Fashion

Hand block prints are a double win. Always high on fashion, always high on comfort. These fabrics are available in a range of breathable materials like cotton, linen, and silk that are fresh and easy to wear. 


Whether you pick a soothing ethnic suit set or a chic dress, a breezy shirt for men, block printed apparel has been keeping the fashionistas out there on their toes. 


Styling tip: Pair your white cotton kurtas/shirts with block-printed scarves to add a pop of color to the look. 

3. Suits every budget 

Hand block printing is not only flexible in terms of the styles and fabrics that are available out there but also in terms of the price points that it comes in. 


The pricing of these products depends on the type of dyes, the intricacy of design & printing, and the quality of fabric on which the motifs or patterns are printed. 


You can stock your wardrobe with block prints, all you want, without burning a hole in your pockets.


Pro tip: Invest in reversible block printed scarves and summer jackets and sport them with solid colored kurtas and shirts this summer. 

4. Easy to Style

It is easy to style block printed clothing because of the use of ubiquitous colors like indigo, brick red, white, etc in fabrics that are easy on the skin. 


Pair a hand-block printed piece with solid colors or add it to a monochrome look to make it more stylish. 


Styling tip: Pair your Indigo saree with a white T-shirt and some chunky jewelry or throw on a black block printed shirt with your regular pair of blue jeans, you are sure to win all the attention. 

5. Easy to Accessorize

Who doesn't love an outfit that is easy to accessorize? 


Block printed apparel from Jaipur and Gujarat are very easy to accessorize for men and women alike. 


Whether it is for a wedding function or an office party, adding an accessory to these versatile outfits can completely up to your fashion game.


Styling tip: Pair your Block printed outfits with oxidized chunky earrings or a neckpiece to add a boho element to your outfit. Focus on one bold accessory to keep your look stylish and classy.

6. Gender-fluid fashion

In current times when fluidity and sustainability of the fashion industry are prominent areas of dialogue, Hand block prints are the future of fashion. 


Available in a vast variety of colors, prints, patterns and fabrics, block printed clothing is one of the most flexible styles that are being adorned globally, by men and women alike. 


Styling tip: Wear a block-printed saree like a dhoti and pair it with a Jodhpuri achkan. You can also wear a block-printed shirt with a front knot and pair it with high-waisted linen pants to beat the summer heat.

7. Traditional or Contemporary? Have it all!

The variety of styles and silhouettes that hand block prints have to offer are sure to spoil you for choice. 


Whether you prefer an earthy silk saree or a breezy cotton skirt, there is something for everyone. Block printed fabrics now also offer contemporary prints and colors which hold onto the heritage yet befit modern times. 

8. Brings out the essence of India's culture

Hand block prints beautifully reflect India's rich culture and heritage through various motifs and patterns that tell a story about the palaces, the flora & fauna, the people of Rajasthan and Gujarat, where the art originated from and continues to thrive.


This art of printing takes our heritage to fashionistas globally, letting them experience a piece of India every time they adorn a hand block printed apparel. 


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