Baby Bedding: 7 Tips Every Parent Needs to Know!

New-born babies tend to spend a lot of time sleeping and as parents, we are extremely attentive to the minutest of details. Since babies spend almost two-thirds of their lives sleeping (17 hours of the day!), it becomes extremely essential for the parents to choose the right bassinet in the initial months and eventually, a right crib with a plush, clean and safe bedding.

The mattress should fit tightly against the inside of the crib and a gap of two fingers between the mattress and the crib can also sometimes prove to be hazardous for the child. Once, crib and mattress are sorted, a baby bedding comes into the picture that includes a quilt, a pillow, bolsters and cot sheets.

Here’s a short guide on how to choose the right bedding for your baby –

1) Know the Fabric 

Your baby’s gentle and delicate skin needs to be dealt with utmost care – which is why, you should opt for fabrics that are soft, breathable and are made up of pure cotton.

Easy-care wrinkle-free polyester fabrics might be tempting to use as they are super easy to maintain but should be avoided at all costs due to the harsh chemicals used in making them.

It always helps to go for fabrics that are natural (like cotton), tested and allergy-free.

2.) Consider the Size of the Bedding

The most important tip to remember is to invest in a well-fitted sheet for your baby. As parents, we tend to buy a size bigger so that the child can grow into it but it’s always advisable to opt for a sheet that fits the size of the crib. 

It helps in saving the child from entangling itself in between the sheets. For example, at Ratan, we have a variety of baby sleeping bed set in terms of sizes and prints for a new-born to a 3–year old baby to help you get the right fit.

3.) Understand how to Wash & Care

You know your baby’s super soft skin is also very sensitive – we suggest you go for a gentle fragrance-free detergent to avoid the skin getting rashes. But how often should you actually wash the sheets?

We recommend washing the sheets at least twice a week even if it doesn’t have visible stains. It can contain dust that can irritate the child or even enter his eyes. But most of the time it would be obvious because of the pee-explosions and sudden poop blowouts!

4) Stock up on spares

The world has been hit by a pandemic and we all have become extra mindful of our hygiene. Needless to say, the baby’s safety becomes paramount during these tough times.

Having buffer sheets helps, so it’s always helpful to buy a bedding set that comes with at least two sheets for those messy surprises. You can also go for vibrant colors and joyful prints to add to the fun and have multiple sheets in different patterns. 


5) Swaddle your baby properly

Wrapping your baby perfectly is an art that can be mastered with time! But you must always ensure to make your swaddled baby sleep on their back. You should stop swaddling the baby when they start to roll, ideally, when they turn two months old.

If you’re a new parent, you must try our soft muslin swaddle wraps that will make your baby stay cozy and comfortable. And oh, they’re so versatile that they can be used as a nursing cover, baby blanket, change pad and even a stroller cover!

6) Keep objects out of baby’s bed

We often get stuffed toys and hangings to decorate the crib but these small objects can become a choking hazard and the baby might hurt himself. Make sure to keep them at least 12 inches away from the baby’s distance to avoid any accidents.

Also, beware of the cords that come with night light, etc and keep them at a safe distance from the bed.  Your baby’s room might have gadgets that come with cords, including baby monitor cords, lamp cords and telephone cords.

Make sure to keep these cords at a safe distance from the bed (at least 3 feet away) to avoid accidental strangulation and electric shocks.

7) Use a Mattress Protector

It’s a life hack we suggest to every new parent – no matter how many times you change the diaper, always be ready for surprises! It’s advisable to use a mattress protector for your little one so that the mattress stays dry in case of those gnarly blowouts. The mattress protector should go between the mattress and the bottom-most sheet.

From soft fabrics to playful prints, from vibrant colours to varied sizes - explore our collection of baby bedding sets online on our website, here, or at our stores across India. Hope this guide comes as handy and helps your child sleep peacefully!