In Just 3 Easy Steps Choose the Perfect Quilt for Your Bedroom

Did you know, on an average, a person spends 1/3rd of the life on the bed? However, we are sure that the time spent on your bed must have increased multifold during this lockdown and stay at home phase due to the pandemic situation.

Well, be it for relaxation, a quick nap, or a night’s sleep, whatever time you spend on your bed and for whatever reason, comfort is the primary concern. Agree?

You must also agree that the bed linen plays a crucial role in making your time on bed feel heavenly and comfortable. While going for cotton, bedspreads in soothing colours and prints ensure that your bed looks great and feels cosy, a good-quality fabric quilt is a must for a snugly and comfortable sleep.

But, how to choose a quilt that feels comfortable, is appropriately sized, is all-season friendly, and looks good, all at the same time? 

Do not worry, we have some great tips to help you find the best quilt to buy for ulterior ease and that feeling of warmth.

#1 Understand the quilt fabric you need

There are multiple varieties of quilts available in the market today, making the choice of the ideal one for you, a little difficult and confusing. 

To simplify the process ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. What are the typical weather conditions of your location?
  2. What type of sleeper are you? Do you always feel cold with AC on or you are the one who even sweats in their sleep during winters?
  3. Do you have any specific allergies to any kind of fabrics?

Now depending on your answers, you may want to assess your premium quilting fabric needs. Amongst the most common ones, wool, microfiber, and cotton quilts are the most common.

To understand the standard difference and which one should be used when and by whom, here’s a little brief on each one of them.

Wool quilts are needed for typically cold climatic conditions and while they are suitable for people who experience extreme cold and reside in colder regions, the texture of even a fine-quality wool quilt is a bit on the coarse side.

Microfiber quilts are made from man-made fibres, i.e. synthetic treated fibres and should be avoided, unless, you have some typical allergies to cotton or wool. Microfiber quilts may be cheaper but their life is not long as compared to cotton quilts. As they are made of synthetic fibres, they may not provide a good quilt grip leading to disrupted sleep at night.

Cotton quilts on the other hand, as the name suggests, are made from natural cotton fibres and finest natural fabrics allowing greater comfort and grip. They also keep you warm during all seasons and are perfect for all ages and ideal for those who have sensitive skin and prefer only natural fabrics for bedding.

#2 Finding the perfect size

Once you have zeroed down on the fabric you prefer, the size also plays an important role in ensuring you get sound sleep.

Now, even if you want a single quilt size for yourself, we would strongly advise you to go for a medium size as you would want yourself to be comfortably wrapped within the quilt to feel that required warmth. So, for a single bed or single person, always go for a medium-sized or queen-sized quilt.

Another trick to finding the perfect size for your premium quilts is to select the size as per your bed-size. So, if you have a double bed, choose a double-bed sized quilt. In case you have a super-sized bed, go for a king-size quilt as it adds that luxury touch when folded and adorned at the edge of the bed during the daytime.

#3 Look for other details and functional characteristics of the quilt

The best quality quilts are those which are not only good-looking and comfortable but highly functional too.

For example, Ratan cotton quilts are made from 100% cotton fabrics and are reversible too. It allows you to use them in any which way you want, giving you the advantage of two prints for one. Easy to care and hassle-free maintenance are other benefits that you most-probably look for when choosing quilts.

Jaipur’s printed quilts (Razai) are also becoming a rage across the globe for their stunning patterns and handcrafted print designs. So, you might want to indulge in some handcrafted goodness to give your bedroom a refreshing makeover too! 

Perfect quilts imbibed with the twin quality of comfort and aesthetics

Quilts are something that you will be using for a long time and not changing as frequently as your bedspreads. So, take your time in finding the most premium quality quilts for your bedroom and follow our simple yet effective hacks to finalize that perfect quilt.

If you are looking for cotton, authentic Jaipur block printed quilts, you may check out our website here.