Simple DIY Diwali Art and Craft Ideas For Your Little Ones

most-awaited festival, Diwali, is just a few weeks away now and it’s time to start planning for the celebrations. While this year Diwali will not be the same due to the ongoing pandemic scare and most of you must be opting for intimate celebrations, it must not deter your enthusiasm to plan the festivities with your close family and of course the young ones.

Talking about the little ones, this Diwali, make sure to get them involved in everything you do, especially, the decor, as decorations are a significant part of Diwali preps. Right? Plus, most of their 2020 has just gone by in front of the laptops and phones taking online classes.

So, getting them involved with Diwali preparations through art and craftwork for Diwali will give them a much-needed break from their monotonous routine and explore their creativity.

Hence, this festive season, let your kids take over the decorations and other Diwali chores by indulging in Diwali art and craft activities.

If you are looking for some fresh, easy, DIY, and super fun art and craft ideas for Diwali decorations, we have quite a list planned for you. Go ahead and read it to know the various crafts that will help your kids nurture the artist in themselves. 

1. Diya painting for Diwali art and craft

Diwali is incomplete without diya lighting and while there are various kinds of decorative diyas available in the market, wouldn’t it be special to celebrate the festival of lights with handcrafted Diyas? 

Give your little ones some Diyas, a few paint colors, some craft materials like clay, mirrors, glue etc., and let them just turn the basic Diyas into colorful and vibrant ones. 


2. Diwali Greetings Card/Gift Cards

The essence of festivals is in exchange for warm wishes and gifts. Why not this time let your kids personalize your Diwali gifts to family and friends with a handmade greetings card?

Great idea, isn’t it?

For handmade cards, you can also go for these DIY craft kits that include notecards with Envelopes, hand-carved wooden block for shape stamping, paint colours, brush, beads, glitter, and glue 


3. Clay candle or diya holders

Believe it or not but kids love clay and no doubt, it’s super versatile. This Diwali, let’s put their clay craze to good use and allow them to make candle or diya holders with colorful clay.

Of course, just keep in mind that you get them ready beforehand and let it sundry for a few hours. 


4. Diya hangings, paper flowers, lanterns, etc. using decorative paper

There’s so much your little ones can do with some decorative paper, scissors, glue, and YouTube! 

There are so many easy-peasy DIY videos out there on the Internet to make diya lanterns, hangings, flowers, and other creative decoration items with paper. 

In fact, you can shop for classy and organic handmade papercraft books like the ones shown below which have a variety of colorful, festive-looking printed craft paper to help your kids explore their creativity to the tee.


The little ones can also use these cute DIY bunting kits to create wall hangings outside their rooms and main door. These come in various shapes like flowers, elephants, camel, etc., in beautiful colours ensuring an ethnic, vibrant vibe to your Diwali celebrations.


5. Green Diwali posters: One of the most meaningful Diwali art and craft ideas

The people around the country are becoming conscious about adopting green ways of celebrating Diwali. To inculcate the same values in the young ones, you can motivate them to draw or paint something that gives out the message of green, firecracker-free Diwali.

You can pin it on a board outside your homes or the community board in which you are staying and also post them on your social media. 


6. Different types of Rangoli

Playdough rangoli anyone? Ditch the old sand or rice colour rangoli for a fun, cheerful playdough rangoli. Help your little ones find an easy-to-do rangoli shape and let them work their magic their way out to a unique rangoli design. 


7. DIY ceramic ornaments

Ceramic art may get your kids’ hands dirty, quite literally, but the outcome will be truly beautiful. They can make moulds using their hand shapes that can be used as appetizers’ platter or some other small treats and festive goodies.

Another brilliant usage of ceramic could be for making small mandalas.

In many homes, intricate mandalas are made in every room or space of the house to place diyas.  This time, let your kids do the mandalas their way using colorful ceramic cones. What say?


The Key Takeaway: Diwali art and crafts for kids can be the highlight of Diwali 2020.

Making this Diwali, " art and craft diwali for kidswill bring an unfathomable amount of joy to your festivities, trust us! Involving kids in festival preparations not only helps you imbibe in them the cultural significance of the festivals but will also help them explore their creative side.

If you are looking for various DIY craft materials, check out our website, here.