Unique Dining Table Decoration Ideas For Diwali

Some stunning inspiration and easy dining tips to help you become the ultimate host for all your Diwali feasts!

Special occasions call for merry times and joyful get-togethers. No matter how intimate the Diwali celebrations would be this year, the elaborate Diwali feasts and meals will surely remain the highlights.

With an articulate menu and hours of meal prep time, you will also need a perfect dining table setting to compliment your lavish Diwali spread. Ain’t it?

We know how you love to play the host for such special occasions and how intricately you plan in advance for them. Keeping this in mind, we, too, have a few tips and some splendid Diwali dining table decoration ideas for you to try this festive season.

Go ahead and give it a read to add a stunning charm to your mealtimes.

1. Choose a timeless look for your Diwali table decorations

An elegant, opulent looking dining table setting never goes out of style. Period. Choose luxurious looking table linen, add a statement dining table piece like a natural flower pot, and complete the look with classy all-white tableware.

For a distinctive day and evening look, you can experiment with your choice of table linen. For instance, the lunches can feature brighter and more cheerful print patterns like the ones shown below.


For dinners, you might want to stick with more sophisticated and finer prints in deeper colours like these.


2. Let your dining table be a celebration of contrasts

If you are known for your eccentric and experimental style, then mix and match is something you’ll love. Ditch the coordinated or matching dining setup and instead embrace the contrasts. You can mix-match the table linen like runners, mats, and napkins. 

For example, if your runner and mats are of deep colours then go for contrasting-coloured napkin sets. Another idea could be to mix-match the prints. The floral printed runner with striped napkin sets shown below is a perfect example for the same.


Another way to ace the contrast look is by playing with table linen and tableware. For a subtle table linen choices, go bold with your shiny golden tableware, or vice versa.

3. Ditch minimal, try maximal

While the minimal is a forever style, maximal is back in trend and how! 

Go for bold coloured and printed table linen. Add in some dramatic tableware like animal-printed or wooden-ware, and highlight it all with over-the-top dining-table centrepieces like a huge flower bouquet or an oversized candle stand.

A must-try look for your inner dining table setting this year, supplement it with a darker light setting ambience and see how beautifully it all comes out.

4. Try theme-based dining table decoration for Diwali

Preparing a feast around one cuisine? Why not base your dining table décor around it? Well, one of the creative Diwali table decor ideas could be to integrate your delectable feast with your dining table décor to create a gorgeous look. 

For example, if you are preparing a Biryani-focused or Mughlai feast, let your table setting exude a touch of Moroccan –style décor. Go for a shamiana lampstand for the centrepiece and velvet or rich fabric table linen complimented with golden-touch tableware.

Similarly, if you have planned a Rajasthani meal, you can go for an ethnic décor with marigold flower centrepiece and ceramic or clayware, etc.

5. Weave your dining table story with centrepieces

A centrepiece is a highlight of your dining table. Explore festive or quirky options to make them stand apart. Just a refreshing centrepiece can do wonders to your table décor setting. #TakeOurWordOnIt

Below we give you a list of some unique centrepieces to give your festive table décor a needed upgrade:

  • A giant-sized fruit platter

  • A real pineapple acting as the vase, topped with real flowers

  • A jar with cake pops or stick candies

  • Blossoms like  hydrangeas, peonies, etc., in a stellar serving piece (maybe a soup tureen)

  • A wide bowl with tea-light scented candles and flower petals, etc.



6. Ambient lighting: The unsung hero of your dinner table setting

As you invest so much of your time and efforts in preparing a delicious meal and setting up your dining table, please do not forget to tend to your lighting. Lighting plays such a big role in dinner table decorations for any occasion.

For brunches, there is nothing that beats the natural light, making your brunch selfies look effortlessly on-point.

For dinners, let your mood be your guide to choosing that perfect lighting ambience. If it’s a romantic dinner for two or even a dinner feast for couples-only, a candle-light dinner will be ideal.

Even if it’s a small family celebration, we would strongly advise you to go for dim, warm lighting as it elevates your dinner table setting and adds to its overall charm.

The Key Point: Let your heart guide you through!

We hope that the above-given tips and inspiration will help you ace your Diwali table decoration and will come handy in making you explore new ways of dressing up your dining table for festive occasions.

However, whenever you are styling up your dining table or your home spaces, let your personal style and taste guide you so that you feel content and elated with the final look.

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