Brilliant Cushion Decor Ideas for a Sophisticated Home Makeover

What’s an extravagant sofa without a stylish cushion arrangement? Not just comfort essentials for your living spaces, Cushions can be so much more!

Cushions can brighten up your space, reflect your personal style, and transform the whole vibe of your interiors. A refreshing way of adding details to your home furnishings and decor, you shouldn’t be underestimating the power of these cute little cotton filled pillows. They can be a breath of fresh air in your homes.

The key to ace the cushion-game is to know how to use them and blend them with the interiors to get those magazine and Instagram worthy interiors. 

We have compiled for you top tips for cushion decor ideas to make your home interiors a statement of elegance and grace.

Co-ordinate cushions with the existing interiors

When the cushion colours and patterns are in sync with the existing interiors, it makes the décor look well-thought-of and classy. You can choose cushions with colour tones,  textures, and prints that compliment your furniture and interiors. 

Thus, whenever you are buying decorative cushions and covers, you must always keep your home interiors in mind.

Let your cushions be a reflection of the seasons

Cushions are the perfect home accessories for transforming the ambience to match the feel of the ongoing season. Natural fabrics, vibrant colours, and eye-soothing floral designs are the go-to choices for summer décor, while rich fabrics like velvet, silks, brocades, etc., in darker shades, will radiate the warmth and coziness of the winters.

Decorating with cushions? The numbers also matter!

How many cushions are too many cushions? Well, the basic rule suggests accomodating an odd number of cushions for your sofas. For example,  a 2-seater sofa should have 3 large cushions, a 3 or 4 seater sofa can have 5 cushions. 

Another way to add some quirk is to pair the large cushions with the smaller ones as they not only take up lesser space but also elevate the aesthetics of your sofa. 

However, any number of cushions can be used to quirk up your space depending on your taste and preference, one does not have to follow any rules specifically. Design is after all what pleases the eye and soothes the heart. 

Play with the cushion sizes and shapes

The size of the sofa or bed in question determines the number of cushions required as well as the size of the cushions. Usually, for a 3-person sofa 50*50cm cushions are used. 

You can also experiment with the shapes of the cushions. One can either opt for conventional square-shaped or can go with rectangular, oval, and round. You can always mix and match the shapes and sizes and see what works for you the best.

Mix and match with the prints

Versatile choices in cushion prints can enhance the décor instantly. While one set of prints can be subtle with fine detailing, the other can be bold and eccentric in such a way that they complement one another. Moreover, it's an effortless way to reorient the vibe of your space.

Adding cushions to your rooms

A coordinated set of bedsheets and cushion covers is an excellent option to break the monotony of your bedroom. For the master bedroom, we would highly recommend you to go for classics like breezy hand-block prints and summer-friendly floral prints.

On the other hand, your kid’s room gives you the license to be extra creative. The funkier, the better! So, take the liberty to materialize your offbeat ideas and let your creative juices flow.

7. Make contrast in cushion styling

Amongst other cushion cover decoration ideas, contrast is our personal favourite. Contrast is always a good idea to spice things up. If your home décor or sofa set is neutral and soft-toned, you can opt for bright-coloured, contrast block with horizontal and vertical lines to make it more interesting.

So, are you ready to cushion it up?

While cushions may not take up a lot of your interior space, they are those little details that can change the mood of the place if used rightly. Consider cushions as the accessory for your sofa dress up, without which their look would be incomplete. Cushions serve as an effortless, quick, and inexpensive way to revive the spark of your living spaces. So, get on and implement our interior tips for cushions to give your home that extra cushion-edge.