Say Hello to Quilteresting Winters!

Winter is coming and it’s going to be quilteresting this time. Handmade, high-on quality, and cold-resisting quilts and quilt jackets are in collection at Ratan Jaipur. Jaipuri Quilt is the best thing to cozy up to this winter. Product of sheer hard-work and precision, these Jaipuri quilt products are absolutely handcrafted just for you.


Quiltessential Technique 


As the technology is progressing towards replacing all the handmade techniques, Ratan Jaipur is hell bent on raising the quality and work of artisans by fostering the quintessential hand carding of cotton technique. This old yet gold, time consuming, labour intensive Indian process is the best way to produce the most alluring yet comfy Hand Block printed Jaipuri quilts that are also long lasting and suits the need of the customer. Ratan Jaipur exclusive luxury Block printed Jaipuri quilts are much thinner, lighter, and warmer than the ordinary quilts, all thanks to the Carding technique.


Why Handmade Carding?


In this mechanical era, the touch of humanity is somehow lost. To bring back the lost knowledge to life, it is quite essential for us to appreciate the efforts an artisan who works for multiple days and ends up creating something unique. Meanwhile, switching to handmade helps create opportunity and employment which makes it another big reason to be supported.


Our craftsmen inherited the knowledge of carding from their forefathers. Hence, these artisans are our strength and we take pride in the utmost quality of our products.


India is the hub of artists and we at Ratan Jaipur simply want to ensure that people from across the globe, live and breathe the beauty crafted from the Indian artisans. We truly believe that manmade has more heart and soul weaved with each stitch.