Here’s how you can find the perfect winter bed sheets for your bedroom

Winter is here!

You might have already taken out your winter wear essentials, boots, winter accessories, etc. but what about your winter bedding? Well, to keep you warm and cosy all winter long, it is important that you give some extra thought to your bed linen choices.

Warm bed sheets are a must to ensure a good and comfortable sleep at night and if you are living in colder regions, the choice of bedsheets and blankets becomes all the more crucial as the type of bed sheet plays a big role in maintaining the body temperature.

So, let us help you understand the types of winter bed sheets so that you can find the ideal one as per your location, need, and personal requirements.

1. The evergreen cottons:

A natural fabric, cotton is suitable for all-weather types including winters. A cotton bedsheet is amongst the most ideal bed sheets for winter in India, especially, for regions like Rajasthan, Gujarat, and the like. 

Also, if you are someone who runs hot and sweats even during the night, cotton bed sheets are perfect for you. When choosing your cotton bedcover for winters you might want to go for deeper and darker colours as opposed to summer-friendly lighter tones.

You can also go for hand block print cotton bedsheets like the ones shown below as they could beautifully elevate your winter bedroom style while ensuring a regulated body temperature during your sleep time.

2. The winter-perfect fleece:

If you reside in colder regions with temperatures touching zero or reaching minus, bedcovers made of fleece fabric are ideal and one of the most preferred warm bed sheets for winters. However, being a synthetic fiber, you might want to check for your allergies when opting for a fleece bedspread.

1. Silks & Satins: Fabrics like silk and satin are great options for the winter season as they are known for retaining heat. They are much heavier fabrics than cotton but are equally soft and cozy, making them a great choice for the season.

As premium-looking spreads made of natural fibres, silk and satin bed sheets are ideal to maintain the luxurious aesthetics of your abode all day long and keep yourself all snuggled up on a chilly night.

2. Velvets: In case you are looking for some extra winter glam along with the warmth, velvet should do the trick. Velvet bedcovers in deep colours give a stunning look to your winter bed while keeping it cozy.

3. Flannel:  Another great option for warm fabrics, flannel is a lightweight and airy fabric somewhere between cotton and fleece. With great insulation properties to keep you warm on a cold winter night, flannel is commonly used in blankets rather than bed sheets.

Let’s discuss the best fabric for your quilts too

While addressing your winter bedspread needs, it is important to talk about quilts and blankets. Natural cotton-filled quilts are undoubtedly the most comfortable options for winters in India as they are soft, breathable, and lightweight.

They are easy to maintain and offer complete grip and maintain the body temperature, enhancing your comfort at night. Quilts from Jaipur in traditional hand block prints are one of the must-haves in the wardrobe and our collection of block printed quilts (razai) is known for its premium quality and complete comfort.

Tips on maintenance and care of winter bed linen

Finding the best bed sheets for the winter season is just one part of the job. The other aspect to focus your attention on is ensuring the long life and freshness of your winter bedding.

Here are some tips and simple tricks to manage your bedding with ease, this winter season.

  1. Change your bedsheets every week. To maintain a sound level of hygiene, freshness, and good-smelling bedroom ambiance, changing your bedsheets and pillow covers frequently is a must.
    Therefore, opting for cotton bedcovers and bed sheets is a good option as they come with easy wash care, allowing you to change it every week.
  2. For your quilts, weekly wash or change is not possible as they are heavy material and in most cases, dry-clean only. So, a good way to maintain freshness and reduce allergens is to air out your quilts and blankets on your balcony or terrace, once every month.
    However, never leave your quilts in direct sunlight as it can damage the natural fibres. Always lay it flat in some shade on a nice warm day.
  3. If your bed linen can be machine or hand-washed, never wash them with hot water as it can lead to shrinkage, damage, and colour fade out. Always use cold water and gentle soap/ liquid detergent for washing. Do not tumble dry.
  4. Always check for the laundry directions on the care label on your bed linens as it will help you understand the maintenance needs and precautions if any.
  5. Avoid eating or bringing food on or near your bedding as the food spills can leave stains that may be difficult to remove even with dry-clean.
  6. When storing your winter bed-linen, always store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Also, if you have washed it, make sure to dry it completely to eliminate any moisture content leading to the growth of mold or bugs.
  7. If you are using mothballs (naphthalene balls) while storing your bed linen, please place 2-3 balls in a muslin cloth. This will reduce the pungent smell of the mothballs to permeate the entire bedding. Whenever you take them out the next time, do not forget to air it out as mentioned in the above-given points to remove any smell and regain the freshness.

We hope that all our tips, tricks, and explanation on the types of bed sheets will help you in building yourself a cosy winter bed and get you through the season with ulterior comfort and warmth.

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