Every person has their own way of designing their homes- some like it subtle, some like it all jazzed up. But the end motive is the same, we all want our homes to look stunning! With the ongoing festivities, we are all excitedly finding ways to redesign our homes, and while that is important, it is also good to take a step back and find sustainable ways of doing so - trust us, you can get the best preps done while keeping our environment in check too!  


This festive season, in the midst of all the decor planning and home makeovers, give yourself one more option of looking at some eco-friendly items that will light up your home decor and reflect your taste and personality at the same time. Here are a few items from Ratan Jaipur that will be the perfect and safest add-ons for this festive home makeover: 

Hand-block printed bedsheets and covers:

Handblock prints give a very intricate and detailed finish, making the bed sheet look very appealing. It’s the perfect addition to your decor for this festive season, thanks to the royal look that this set will give to your bedroom! 


Festive table mats:

All these celebratory events and festivals would mean a constant food haul in an Indian household! This year, you can be prepped up for that by transitioning the aesthetics of your dining room from a place to eat to a place where everyone feels festive - all by getting some unique table mats. They would not consume a lot of space but would brighten up the mood of the room. We recommend being selective about the colors of the mats - that will be the binding factor.



With winters finally knocking on our doors, we know it’s time to take our quilts out, along with the festive outfits. With the right options, you can easily make your quilt an add-on in your bedroom decor. All you have to do is see that the color of the quilt is in sync with the theme of your home and the festivities - and you’re all set!




Dos and Don’ts while decorating your home for the festive season 

  • Avoid having a variety of colors and themes in the house, instead, stick to one hue and base your decoration around that

  • Be innovative and experimental - works best for the festive time! 

  • Avoid clutter, a few decor items can sometimes light up the space more than a 100 items 



Redesigning your abode specifically for the festive season is honestly not very difficult, as long as you know what you are looking for. But we recommend giving it a proper thought rather than rushing into buying decor pieces that will not compliment the spaces in your home. Weigh different options, experiment a bit, and then come to a decision.


Moreover, also work towards getting eco-friendly decor items in the home is very important for every individual - therefore, you should consider items like table mats, bedding sets from Ratan Jaipur that are sustainable and focus on keeping our environment healthy!