Diwali is a festival filled with illumination and vibrant colors to commemorate the blessings of life, serenity, and brightness. It gathers families and friends to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. So technically, outfits should also be LIT!

Now, guys, pay close attention! These traditional clothing for men are perfect for showing off your style and OOTDs on social sites. Given that Diwali is round the door, you'll want to have your traditional look in order, right?

Men's ethnic outfits have exploded in popularity over the years. Traditional Indian attire for both men and women has grown increasingly popular at festivals, parties, and other events. So, this season of the year, men anticipate the latest fashions in Men's Diwali outfits.

They try on classic and ethnic clothes when choosing attire. Additionally, they will learn to browse through different fashion trends to establish their own personal taste statement. These are some of the main characteristics that men want in the usual. Men can choose from a wide range of outfits, including Sherwanis, Kurtas, jackets, and more. They can also accessorize for events such as weddings, festivals, and family get-togethers.

Besides cultural wear, such as the Sherwani, males have difficulty choosing appropriate attire for special events. The clothes below should assist you in selecting fashionable ethnic wear options such as Sherwani. Make a solid first impression with these men's styles that are both comfy and stylish. For multiple events, dress up in bright clothing, going from casual to fancy.

Get ready to go through the list of fabulous outfits for insta-worthy pictures with your boys or bae!

Pastel Kurtas

When you think about ethnic attire, the first thing people say is a Kurta. But we have no idea that there are a plethora of alternatives if we wish to avoid it. The simplest solution to wear Kurtas, in our perspective, is to choose one that is embroidered. It not only offers a burst of color, but it also spares you the hassle of too many accessories.

In this charming pastel cotton kurta from our seasonal collection, you'll look cheerful and graceful. With our pyjamas or dhoti and jootis, you'll be ready to take on any event!

Floral Shirts

Some things don't go out of style. Take, for instance, floral shirts. This Diwali season, the basic pleasures of life will be provided by the happiness of wonderful cotton textile laying perfectly on your body and cruising through the November vibes with ease.

Floral designs are constantly in style, whether because of the soothing contrast of colors to the eyes or because guys look great in them. They're gorgeous and exude a happy, upbeat mood. Patterned shirts are an excellent alternative for this festive season if you want to forego the Kurta look.

You can style this shirt with blue denim and sports shoes, or black pants and leather boots. Overall, this ensemble will make you look good and feel good.

Look Royal With White and Blue

White is one of those beautiful colors that can be worn for almost any occasion. This pattern is a must-have because of the pristine white cotton. The clean lines, exquisite stitching, and front pocket provide an eye-catching impression. This is appropriate for Diwali festivities and other significant events planned this season.

The silky cambric cotton half-sleeved shirt is a great choice for all times. This one will look great with a variety of bottoms, including jeans, trousers, and shorts.

Now it's time to get down to business. We recommend royal blue pajama-like pants, which are sumptuous yet comfy and a season's must-have. They're made of fine cotton and may be worn with any kurta or shirt for a festive look.

Bright Yellow

Golden Yellow is a warm, natural color that works well in any season. It isn't very loud or flashy. Its understated and unique nature allows it to be worn on a daily basis. It has a rich, velvety tint that is ideal for all seasons. The yellow kurta is indeed very easy to dress and looks fantastic on all complexion. For a vibrant, cheerful look, match it with a standard pair of navy blue trousers.

Black and White Shirt

Blackshirts provide the wearer with a 'gentleman' vibe while also boosting their style factor. It's ideal for everyday use and brings a layer of style to your routine. It will look much better if you wear it with white or mustard-colored bottom wear and the appropriate footwear.

This block patterned shirt is light and airy, and it's perfect for the upcoming Diwali season. This shirt is a closet necessity, with a standard fit and 100% cotton construction.


Who doesn't adore a good jacket? They'll go with practically anything you're wearing underneath. Providing a level of fashion, especially one that is so unconventional, would do miracles for your Diwali outfit. Don this sleeveless Jacket made of the purest linen to pass on your culture in style. For a smart look, pair it with a dressy shirt or an Indian kurta.

Men, this is not the time to dress casually in jeans and a t-shirt; this is a big celebration, and you should dress in Indian attire by clicking here.